ZFF Talks


With film as its focus, the ZFF Talks series offers experts from various sectors the opportunity to explore controversial issues currently affecting the fields of culture, science and politics, and gives film experts the chance to catch up on industry innovations. No ticket needed. Language is German unless otherwise stated.

> ZFF Talks 2019

This year, for the first time, we have extended the Talks to include more industry topics. The INDUSTRY TALKS will be held in our new Industry Hub. Access with your Industry Pass.

Industry Talks

ACTION FOR CLIMATE ON SET – Talk about green film production
Mon, 30.9., 17.00–18.00, Industry Hub 
It‘s possible to go green – no matter the format, location or budget. Environmentally friendly practices can be implemented in the workflow of any film production from short films and low-budget productions all the way up to big Hollywood blockbusters. Producers, directors as well as film fund managers will discuss how carbon footprints can be reduced in film production.
In cooperation with Green Film Shooting

Tue, 1.10., 17.00–18.00, Industry Hub 
What is the state in the aftermath of the pledges for parity and equality at Festivals? Is there a gender gap when it comes to film critics? What is the current situation nationally and internationally? What are the measures to implement? A round table with national and international guests, editors, journalists and actresses. 
In cooperation with the Association of Swiss Film Critics together with SWAN the Swiss Women’s Audiovisual Network 
Language: English

STEPCHILD – FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT* (*Note from Sept. 30, 2019: The event has been cancelled)
Wed, 2.10., 17.00-18.00, Industry Hub 
Many Swiss classics, like SCHELLENURSLI or DIE KLEINE HEXE, have been filmed, and there are new initiatives to create children’s film tradition outside the literary film adaptations. This helps filmmakers to develope contemporary original material. What could the Swiss Industry learn from the Netherlands, Belgium or Scandinavia during this process? 
In cooperation with AG Kinderfilm 

DIGITALIZATION, AND NOW WHAT? – Talk about «filmo» - the Swiss Online-Edition of film classics
Thu, 3.10., 17.00–18.00, Industry Hub 
What is the use of digitally restored films if they are not made accessible? filmo is committed to increasing the visibility of the Swiss film heritage in the digital realm and shows a new approach to the promotion and distribution of film classics. After an introduction by the project lead Florian Leupin, the round is open for an exciting Q&A. 
In cooperation with filmo

Fri, 4.10., 16.30–18.00, Industry Hub 
Swiss film is only as good as its actors and actresses. With JUNGETALENTE.CH Corinna Glaus and Susan Müller have promoted and lastingly shaped the next generation of Swiss actors and actresses for more than twelve years. What happens to young acting talents now? How and where do productions find their talents in nowadays jungle of international databases and social media? 
In cooperation with Jungetalente