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11.06.2024 - ZFF Honors Composer Howard Shore

10.01.2024 - Roger Crotti becomes President of the Zurich Film Festival

08.10.2023 - Premiere record and successful start for the new Frame cinema complex


30.9.2023 - Volker Bertelmann receives Career Achievement Award

23.9.2023 - Termination of the partnership

18.9.2023 - Mads Mikkelsen receives Golden Eye

14.9.2023 - Jessica Chastain, Ethan Hawke, Diane Kruger, Todd Haynes and Peter Doherty at ZFF

13.9.2023 - Jessica Chastain receives Golden Icon Award

7.9.2023 - Strong auteur films from Hollywood

6.9.2023 - Michel Merkt receives Career Achievement Award

31.8.2023 - Invitation to the Media Conference of the 19th Zurich Film Festival

29.8.2023 - Peter Doherty rocks the ZFF

24.8.2023 - A24’s dark comedy DREAM SCENARIO with Nicolas Cage opens the 19th ZFF

22.8.2023 - Michael Steiner's new film EARLY BIRDS opens Frame cinema complex

17.8.2023 - Films with Natalie Portman, Jodie Foster, Anne Hathaway und Paula Beer at ZFF

3.8.2023 - Diane Kruger receives Golden Eye

2.8.2023 - Fred Kegel receives Game Changer Award

26.7.2023 - ZFF honours Composer Volker Bertelmann

21.7.2023 - Accreditation applications for the 19th ZFF now being accepted

13.7.2023 - These are the finalists of the International Film Music Competition

22.6.2023 - The Republic of Korea is ZFF guest country

8.6.2023 - The ZFF shows masculinity in all its facets

31.5.2023 - Frame: ZFF now lights up the screens of the former Kosmos theaters

17.5.2023 - Volker Bertelmann to be Jury President of the Film Music Competition


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