General Terms and Conditions


The Zurich Film Festival AG is hereinafter referred to as “Organiser”. The following General Terms and Conditions apply to festival visitors and all contractual partners of the Organiser. The organiser reserves the right to alter these General Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes will be made available on the Zurich Film Festival’s website and are valid from the moment they are published there.



Upon purchasing a ticket, the festival visitor accepts any safety, access, age or other restrictions and/or regulations in force, and acknowledges that failure to comply with these restrictions/regulations may lead to them being excluded from the event without compensation. This also applies if tickets are purchased from third-party suppliers. For this reason, we recommend that tickets are purchased exclusively from our official ticket agencies or via the Zurich Film Festival website ( 

The purchase contract for the tickets is only valid after confirmation of purchase has been received. The Organiser declines any liability for the constant availability of any offer. 

Ticket purchases cannot be revoked, modified or cancelled by the festival visitor. A return or exchange of tickets is excluded. Lost and damaged tickets will not be replaced. Leaving the event location renders the ticket invalid. 

The purchase of tickets for business or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. Violation of this condition may result in the loss of any services associated with the purchased tickets, as well as a demand being made to the seller and ticket purchaser for compensation and the return to the organiser of the profits made from those tickets. Violation of this condition may result in the violators being excluded from purchasing tickets. 

Tickets are to be presented at the entrance area of the respective theatre in a condition that ensures machine readability. It is the sole responsibility of the visitor to have a sufficiently charged smart phone. 

It is forbidden for the festival visitor to offer tickets and/or VIP tickets and/or VIP packages to the general public_local or use them for advertising or competition purposes without the explicit prior consent of the Organiser.

The Organiser reserves the right to deny a visitor access to the theatre, even with a valid ticket, if there are justified reasons for doing so. 

Discounted tickets are only valid in conjunction with proof of discount entitlement. If proof cannot be provided, the difference between the discount price and the full entry price must be paid.

The Organiser assumes no responsibility for delays in admission to the theatre. 

By purchasing a ticket, the purchaser and ticket holder accept the Organiser’s contractual conditions. For other Contractual Partners of the Organiser, these General Terms and Conditions form an accepted part of the contract. 

Festival Passes

Day tickets, the Festival-Halbtax and the Festival-GA are understood as Festival Passes.

Festival passes alone do not entitle the holder to enter a theatre or other event location. In addition to the Festival Pass, a valid ticket is also always required.

Festival Passes are personal and non-transferable. They must be presented with the ticket at the entrance. Tickets (insofar as they are available) can be purchased with Festival Passes, but they do not entitle the holder to a ticket. 

Any type of Festival Pass or data misuse entitles the Organiser to block the Festival Pass. 

Return, exchange and replacement of Festival Passes is excluded.


Image and Sound Recording

The recording of image and sound is not allowed in theatres for reasons of copyright and personality rights. 

Photographs and film footage will be taken within the framework of the festival and published by the Organiser and media representatives (print, online media and TV etc.). By purchasing a festival ticket, the visitor agrees that they may be photographed and filmed and the resulting material used for the above-mentioned purposes, including for commercial purposes, without compensation.


Refunds / Cancellations / Postponement

The refund, exchange and replacement of tickets is excluded. 

If for some reason an event is cancelled without a replacement programme, the ticket in question must be returned to the Zurich Film Festival within 30 days of the event’s original date. Only the price printed on the ticket will be reimbursed. The Organiser reserves the right to deduct an industry-standard fee to cover cancellation costs. 

Refunds will be made cashless to a bank or postal account specified by the festival visitor. For payments made by credit card, the amount will be refunded exclusively to the credit card initially charged. 

The processing fee will not be refunded.


Liability / Loss of Items

The Organiser is committed to the highest possible standards of safety, but excludes any liability for its own or third-party actions, as far as this is legally permissible. In particular, the Organiser is not liable for bodily injury, property damage or financial loss caused to festival visitors and stand operators by third parties.

The Organiser not liable for lost or stolen items. 

The festival visitor is liable to the Organiser without limitation for direct and proven damages caused by unlawful intent or gross negligence. 

Lost property from the Festival Centre will be deposited at the Information Desk and kept thereafter at the Organiser’s office until the end of October.


Protection Plan

Should a health protection concept be required at the time of the event, it will be linked here and is an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions. The measures published therein must be strictly adhered to. The Protection Plan may change if the general situation changes. The festival visitor is solely responsible for being informed about the measures currently in place.


Final Provisions

The instructions of the Organiser’s staff or the staff at the respective event location must be followed without question. 

Furthermore, the General Terms and Conditions of the Vivenu ticketing system at also apply. 

Changes to these General Terms and Conditions must be made in writing. 

No additional agreements shall be made, with the exception of any existing special written agreements with contractual partners. 

By using these services or purchasing a ticket, the General Terms and Conditions are deemed to be accepted

Zurich is agreed to as the sole place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising from these General Terms and Conditions. Swiss law is applicable to the exclusion of the conflict-of-law rules pertaining to private international law.

Valid as of August 17, 2023 

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