Volunteers support the ZFF with short assignments and have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes.

Help Out at the ZFF

During our 11-day festival, you have the opportunity to experience the Hollywood feeling up-close while contributing significantly to an emotional event. What we offer:

  • Get-to-know event
  • Training
  • Eats and drinks und 
  • Countless cinema experiences

Here's an overview of possible job assignments:

Registration for our volunteers begins in early summer 2024. Are you already interested or do you have any questions? Then get in touch at [email protected].

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Here you can apply as a guest services volunteer.

We are also looking for volunteers in guest services


The ZFF ticketing stations are where visitors can purchase ZFF tickets for all film screenings. Your remit will include selling tickets and offering programme tips and other advice to visitors.


Visitors to the ZFF from the film industry and the press collect their accreditation passes at the Accreditation Desk inside the Festival Centre. Your responsibilities will include issuing passes and tickets, answering questions and managing the festival’s accreditation databank.   

Theatre Support and Audience Award

Your responsibilities will include welcoming visitors, controlling their tickets, directing them to their seats and distributing voting cards and pens at competition film screenings. At the end of each screening, you will help prepare the theatre for the next movie; you may view the respective movie between these duties. 


Drinks are poured and served by our bar and service team at a large number of receptions, client events and parties. Experience in the service industry and an open, friendly attitude towards guests are essential for this task.   


As a hostess, you will greet guests at the entrance to the respective event, control the guest list and distribute cinema tickets and goodie bags. You will also direct guests from one location to another. A natural friendliness and an open attitude towards people are essential for this task.  


The ZFF Shop inside the Festival Centre sells ZFF merchandise. If you love selling and enjoy customer contact, this task is for you.  

Info Stand

At the Info Stand, you will be expected to answer general questions about the festival. The most asked questions at last year’s festival concerned ticket sales, collection of tickets, the Green Carpet and the toilets. If you would like to volunteer here, it is essential that you already have a good knowledge of the ZFF.

Office Support

Office support offers the perfect opportunity to gain behind the scenes experience of the festival, and support the ZFF team by helping prepare and post invitations, pack goodie bags, count voting cards etc… You will also be expected to play ‘Goldie’ (ZFF mascot) on many occasions before and during the festival.    


Your remit here will include helping the ZFF event team set up and prepare the festival’s various event locations, such as setting out and stacking rows of chairs, moving tables, setting up police barriers for the Green Carpet, distributing water etc…

Technical Support

You will assist in the assembling and dismantling of the festival’s IT infrastructure (computers, printers, cable laying etc…). A computer, ticket printer and beamer, for example, will need to be set up before the festival in readiness for training the ticketing and accreditation staff.

Airport Welcome

You will be responsible for meeting our many invited filmmakers at the airport arrival hall during the busiest guest influx period and helping the limousine drivers’ find their respective guests.


As a runner, you will be expected to assist other team members in times of need. Most of the time, you will only find out what your task is when you begin your shift at the volunteers’ office – it can be anything from any area of the above-mentioned job assignments.

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