28. June 2018

This year’s most anticipated Swiss production WOLKENBRUCHS WUNDERLICHE REISE IN DIE ARME EINER SCHICKSE gets its premiere at the ZFF. Director Michael Steiner will present his most recent film together with cast and crew on Saturday, September 29, 2018.

Filmstill: Motti (Joel Basman) und Laura (Noémie Schmidt) in WOLKENBRUCHS WUNDERLICHE REISE IN DIE ARME EINER SCHICKSE

WOLKENBRUCH is a comedy that follows the young Orthodox Jew Motti Wolkenbruch (Joel Basman) who until recently has followed his Mame’s (Inge Maux) every instruction. When she begins introducing him to one potential bride after another in an attempt to marry him off, Motti embarks on a spate of rebellion that leads him to stray from the path of tradition. He eventually falls in love with the beautiful fellow university student and non-Jew Laura (Noémie Schmidt). His mother is beside herself – a relationship with a shiksa is certainly not what was planned for her son. And so begins Motti’s courageous journey to self-determination, a journey full of heartache and humour.        

WOLKENBRUCH is the screen adaptation of Thomas Meyer’s bestselling novel, which was nominated for the 2012 Swiss Book Award and has sold more than 110’000 copies to date. “Thomas Meyer’s novel offers a humorous view of a society that is unfamiliar to most people, but one that we encounter daily on our very own doorstep in the middle of Zurich,” said director Michael Steiner. “It was these unique insights combined with the use of language that left me spellbound.”   

While the novel sprinkles Yiddish words among its standard German text, the Wolkenbruch family speaks Yiddish in the film. Meyer, who also wrote the screenplay, has managed to express the charm and puns contained in this emancipation story with a level of accomplishment that has exceeded all expectations. “It was not an easy task, I had after all to re-write a more substantiated version of the book, but I’m delighted with the outcome and I’m convinced that our prestigious cast has given the material the appropriate transnational, cross-cultural dimension it deserves.” Director Michael Steiner sees “Wolkenbruch” as an appeal for tolerance and respect in our society and “a story of love and identity that comes straight from the heart.”

Michael Steiner, whose mystery thriller SENNENTUNTSCHI premiered at the 6th Zurich Film Festival in 2010, is one of Switzerland’s most celebrated directors. His much-loved cinema hit MEIN NAME IST EUGEN won the Swiss Film Award and attracted 600’000 cinemagoers, making it the second most successful Swiss film to date. His political financial thriller GROUNDING – DIE LETZTEN TAGE DER SWISSAIR was a huge cinema hit that led to heated countrywide debates. 

Director Michael Steiner, screenwriter Thomas Meyer, actors Joel Basman, Noémie Schmidt, Inge Maux, Udo Samel and Sunnyi Melles will tread the Green Carpet in front of the Corso Cinema on Saturday, September 29, 2018. They will be joined by the producers Anita Wasser, Hans Syz and Michael Steiger, and the co-producers Christoph Daniel and Marc Schmidheiny.

WOLKENBRUCHS WUNDERLICHE REISE IN DIE ARME EINER SCHICKSE will be released in Swiss cinemas by DCM Film Distribution (Switzerland) GmbH on October 25, 2018.