TRIVISA wins 5 Hong Kong Film Awards

19. April 2017

The 36th edition of the Hong Kong Film Awards was dominated by the stylish action crime thriller TRIVISA. The film was produced by Johnnie To and screened as part of the ZFF’s "Hong Kong Window" section.

Still from TRIVISA

TRIVISA was produced by Hong Kong director legend Johnnie To, who brought together three of the most promising film director newcomers from Hong Kong, Frank Hui, Jevons Au and Vicky Wong, to create the convoluted story of three gangsters who fall victim to their own legend. The thriller received the awards for best film, best director, best screenplay and best film editing. Lead actor Gordon Lam won the award for best actor. The film had already received the annual Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award in January.

The honouring of TRIVISA was censured in the Internet in China as it is on the list of prohibited films issued by the Chinese censorship authorities. TRIVISA, the winner of the Hong Kong Film Awards is therefore the successor to TEN YEARS in all respects, as it too led to a similar éclat with the Chinese censorship authorities when it received the best film award the previous year. Both films screened as part of the „Hong Kong Window“ section at past editions of the ZFF. The ZFF will continue to cast its eye on the latest cinema from Hong Kong in 2017.

Synopsis TRIVISA

Hong Kong in the summer of 1997. Shortly before the handover of the British administered territory to China, three of the city’s most infamous robber barons brood over their future. When all three are coincidently seen together in the same restaurant, it is rumoured that the hostile eccentrics are planning one last major coup; idle talk that brings little peace to any of them.

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