Wild and loud: AMERICAN HONEY and AFFENKÖNIG in cinemas

13. October 2016

Andrea Arnold’s road movie AMERICAN HONEY and Oliver Rihs’ comedy AFFENKÖNIG hit cinemas in German-speaking Switzerland today. AMERICAN HONEY is a must see for fans of cool soundtracks and poetic images. The film screened in the 12th Zurich Film Festival’s "Gala Premieres" section. Guaranteed to get you giggling, AFFENKÖNIG is a film that also screened at the ZFF in its "Special Screenings" section.

AMERICAN HONEY by Andrea Arnold | UK, USA 2016

In a supermarket parking lot in Oklahoma, Star (18) and her two siblings rummage through bins in search of food. Star is taken by surprise, when a wild bunch of teenagers in a noisy van suddenly appears out of nowhere. One of them is Jake, who immediately starts flirting with the dreadlocked young woman. The next day, Star joins the travelling magazine sales runaways on a journey across the Midwest in a van blasting with music and a high-spirited vibe. However, Krystal, the caustic ringleader, remains unimpressed by Star and Jake’s budding romance. With its fantastic soundtrack, this deeply atmospheric ‘white trash’ road movie from British director Andrea Arnold continually allows the hopelessness of youth to emerge from behind a glossy façade.

AFFENKÖNIG by Oliver Rihs | Switzerland, Germany, 2016

For his 45th birthday, filthy rich bon vivant Wolfgang invites three former school friends to his magnificent estate in the Provence. His intention is to paint the town red, just like they did back in the good old days. However, times have changed and everybody but ‘Wolfi’ has settled down into a life centred on family and children. But much more than family and age, newly acquired bourgeois morals thwart the plans of these former party animals until their previously glorified shared history is sliced apart piece by piece and laid as an offering upon the altar of friendship. Ten years after the cult film SCHWARZE SCHAFE, Oliver Rhis once again delights with a bitingly ironic comedy.