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ZFF Talks


With film as its focus, the "ZFF Talks" series offers experts from various sectors the opportunity to explore controversial issues currently affecting the fields of culture, science and politics. Free entry.

Producers – Get trained, stay connected!

Host: Lucie Bader (Cinébulletin), Language: German
Friday, 29.9., 14.00 – 15.00, Festival Center

An overview of the EU MEDIA Programme’s international training opportunities with testimonials by Swiss producers: which seminar is suitable for whom? A discussion with Corinna Marschall (Executive Manager MEDIA Desk Suisse), Mauro Mueller (Fidelio Films), Rajko Jazbec (Cognito Films), Dario Schoch (Cognito Films) and Franziska Sonder (Dschoint Ventschr).

In collaboration with MEDIA Desk Suisse and Cinébulletin



Junge Talente.ch at Zurich Film Festival

Meet & Greet 
Friday, 29.9., 15.00 – 16.00, Festival Center

Come to this meet & greet with Swiss cinema’s future screen greats and get to know the successful support and promotion project „Junge Talente.ch“. The anthology film RIEN NE VA PLUS presents six emerging Swiss actors/actresses who may soon be playing a role in your next film project.

In collaboration with Junge Talente.ch and Glaus Casting



Can crimes be predicted?

PRE-CRIME by Matthias Heeder and Monika Hielscher 
Saturday, 30.9., 17.30 – 18.30, NZZ Festival lounge

Big Data analysis allows us to examine large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns and thus soon to predict crimes. The documentary PRE-CRIME takes a look behind the scenes of analytical software designed to detect crime. Experts discuss the issues of a digitally monitored society. A discussion with Dr. Ivo Wallimann-Helmer ("Advanced Studies in Applied Ethics“, University Zurich) and Karin Frick (Head of Research, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut)
Host: Jürg Bünzli Language: German.
Presented by Entrepreneurs' Organization



Science, Research and Film

Host: Daniel Saraga (Swiss National Science Foundation), Language: English
Saturday, 30.9., 17.30 – 18.30, Folium Sihlcity

Films arouse emotions, science provides clarity and understanding. But what influence does science have on the film world? And how does science profit from the film industry? We get to the bottom of these questions with Massimiano Bucchi (Professor of Sociology of Science and Communication in Trento).

Presented by Eye On Science and Swiss National Science Foundation



Mobile Films: From Smartphone to Star

Host: Sandeep Abraham, Director of Photography, Language: German.
Sunday, 1.10., 13.30 – 14.30, Festival Center

Today’s Smartphone is a ubiquitous all-rounder. The film technology currently found in Smartphones is so far advanced that it produces a quality of video suitable for making entire film productions, so-called mobile films. In this ZFF Talk, Sandeep Abraham, film producer and director of photography, discusses his national and international experiences with mobile filming.

Presented by UPC and Samsung



What values are important to us?

IMPREZA – DAS FEST by Alexandra Wesolowski 
Monday, 2.10., 16.00 – 17.00, Festival Center

The documentary film DAS FEST sees Alexandra, who lives in Germany, confronted with the conservative views of her relatives, who live in Warsaw. A profound conflict develops. Can there be such a thing as a common consensus on values in a globalised world? Experts from the fields of film and politics discuss how to deal with traditions, values and changing values.
Host: Dr. Béatrice Acklin, Language: German.

In collaboration with Paulus Akademie



AIDS: Between Death, Normality and Healing

120 BATTEMENTS PAR MINUTE by Robin Campillo
Tuesday, 3.10., 16.00 – 17.00, Festival Center

The film 120 battements par minute is set in Paris in the 1990s. The activist group Act Up is attempting to inject dynamism in and create more political discussion around the topic of AIDS through awareness raising initiatives. Has the virus been hushed up for too long and therefore hardly researched? Where do we stand today? Experts discuss with the public.
Host: Monika Schärer, Language: German.

Presented by Eye On Science and Life Science Zürich



Hot Debate on Climate Change

Friday, 6.10., 16.00–17.00, Festival Center

Al Gore attends the ZFF 2017 with his most recent film. But are we really on the verge of a global energy revolution? How long will it be before there are no more glaciers in Switzerland? And what influence does the climate have on our life and health? Researchers from the ETH and University of Zurich clarify and explain where climate research interests are focussed.
Host: Beat Glogger, Language: German.

Presented by Eye On Science and Life Science Zürich