Lifetime Achievement Award: Marcel Hoehn


For the past four decades, Marcel Hoehn has influenced the landscape of Swiss cinema with sustained passion and a highly developed sense of entrepreneurialism. His first production DIE SCHWEIZERMACHER (1978) attracted more than one million cinemagoers, making it the biggest box office hit in Swiss film production history to date. The long list of films produced by Hoehn and his company, T&C Films, over the forty years following this success includes countless international hits by such renowned directors as Francesco Rosi and Jacques Rivette. Last but not least he is also  known for his successful long-term collaboration with Daniel Schmid (HECATE, 1978; BERESINA,1999 et al.) and Christoph Schaub (STILLE LIEBE, 2001; GIULIAS VERSCHWINDEN, 2009 et al.). Hoehn’s commitment to the independent promotion of film and his efforts to professionalise and raise international awareness of Swiss film in particular spans decades. In March 2011 he received the Swiss Film Award.

Marcel Hoehn will collect his award during the ‘Zürcher Filmnacht’ on September 27th, 2016. Fourteen of his most important films will be screened in a retrospective of his works.