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ZFF Talks


With film as its focus, the „ZFF Talks“ series offers experts from various sectors the opportunity to explore controversial issues currently affecting the fields of culture, science and politics. These cutting-edge speakers search for innovative answers to the questions of our future. „ZFF Talks“ is a project in collaboration with partners such as UPC, NZZ and Eye on Science & Life Science Zurich.

No ticket needed. NZZ Talks require registration ([email protected]).

What is the Creative Economy?

Friday, 23.09.16, 14.00 – 15.00, Festival Centre

Presenter: Christian Jungen (NZZ am Sonntag)

Eleven percent of Swiss companies are part of the creative economy. Operating at the intersection between culture, commerce and technology, these companies contribute to the country’s growth and innovative strength. Will Zurich become a hub for the creative economy? This question will be discussed by Ruedi Noser (State Councillor FDP Zurich), Thomas D. Meier (Principal ZHdK), Michel Pernet (President  Association Creative Industries Switzerland), Tobias Weber (director), Sylvain Gardel (Director Impulse Programme Pro-Helvetia), Sunnie J. Groeneveld (DigitalZurich2025, Inspire 925).

NZZ Talks require registration ([email protected]).

Profession: Visual Effects Supervisor

Saturday, 24.09.16, 15.00 – 16.00, Festival Centre

Miklos Kozary, CEO Elefant Studios AG

Supernatural phenomena and historic cities – both are to be found rarely, if at all, in reality and must therefore be recreated digitally in film productions using visual effects. In this ZFF Talk, Miklos Kozary, Visual Effects Supervisor and CEO of Elefant Studios AG, discusses his experiences in the creation of visual effects in feature films. When is it necessary to use visual effects? How are they created on the computer? What aspects must be considered? Miklos Kozary uses his work as a basis for answering these questions.

Whistleblower – Who owns the Truth?

Monday, 26.09.16, 18.00 – 19.00, NZZ Foyer

Presenter: Christian Jungen (NZZ am Sonntag)

Affiliated with Oliver Stone’s politically charged film SNOWDEN, whistleblower experts gather from various sectors to discuss these modern-day ‘heroes’. Investigative journalism and such controversial formats as WikiLeaks rely on their information. Do whistleblowers deserve to be prosecuted or offered immunity? Experts and those affected debate their position on whistleblowers with respect to freedom of speech, personal responsibility and the pros and cons of uncontrolled access to information.  

NZZ Talks require registration ([email protected]).

Culture in Times of Terrorism

Wednesday, 28.09.16, 18.00 – 19.00, NZZ Foyer

Presenter: Christian Jungen (NZZ am Sonntag)

Screened as a Gala Premiere, Bertrand Bonnello’s film NOCTURAMA sees a group of youths set about planting a series of bombs in the centre of Paris without any clear motive. Inspired by this enigmatic film portrait of an apathetically activist youth, people from the cultural sector, a terrorist attack survivor and scientists gather to discuss the interaction between culture and terrorism: Should we still allow such films be shown? Or do they just provoke others to do the same? What role does culture play in the fight against terrorism?

NZZ Talks require registration ([email protected]).

Eye on Science: FUTURE BABY

Wednesday, 28.09.16, 15.00 – 16.00, Festival Centre

Children of the future.
The Austrian documentary film FUTURE BABY casts a light on how people strive to achieve a happy family life. What is allowed in reproductive sciences? What impact will new medical innovations have on society? Scientists from the University of Zurich examine how the children of tomorrow will be begotten, what is already possible and legally justifiable, and what psychological and ethical questions the subject raises.      

Broadcast live to the Manifesta 11 Pavillon of Reflections.


Thursday, 29.09.16, 15.00 – 16.00, Festival Centre

In the name of nourishment.
Human’s have been hunters since the beginning of time. The documentary THE ISLANDS AND THE WHALES offers an impressive account of life and whale hunting on the Faroe Islands. Should tradition and food safety override species conservation and animal ethics? What impact does environmental protection have on the food chain? What poisons are harmful to life? Scientists deliver interesting background information to these fascinating questions.    

Broadcast live to the Manifesta 11 Pavillon of Reflections.

Eye on Science: MAGNUS

Friday, 30.09.16, 15.00 – 16.00, Festival Centre

Can genius be taught?
Norwegian-born Magnus Carlsen was a Chess Grandmaster at the age of 13, number one in the world at the age of 20, and won the World Chess Championship a few days before his 23rd birthday. The film MAGNUS celebrates this child prodigy, who is also Fast Chess and Blitz Chess World Champion. Experts discuss the capabilities of the human brain, how it differs from machines, and whether genius can be developed using present day learning techniques.  

Broadcast live to the Manifesta 11 Pavillon of Reflections.