• Oh Boy
  • Oh Boy
  • Oh Boy
by Jan-Ole Gerster German Language Feature Film / Competition

“Do you ever have the feeling that everybody around you is strange, and then you realise that it’s you that’s the problem?” Berliner Niko packed in his law studies two years ago and is taking each moment as it comes. His place in life evades him and he spends his time “reflecting”. He drifts through the city, alone or with his buddy Matze, curious of people and their activities. On this particular day, Niko experiences the consequences of his passivity: his girlfriend dumps him, his father stops his income, former classmate Julika confronts him with wounds from their past – and the city seems to have run out of coffee.
OH BOY is a charmingly self-ironic portrait of a young man and the city he lives in. Shot in vivid black and white, the film alternates between melancholy and humour, and shows the protagonist’s search for his place in a world where everything yet nothing seems possible.

  • Genre: Tragicomedy
  • Country, Year: Germany, 2012
  • Runtime: 85 Min
  • Languages: German
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Jan-Ole Gerster
  • Cast: Tom Schilling, Marc Hosemann, Friederike Kempter, Justus von Dohnányi, Michael Gwisdek, Ulrich Noethen
  • Screenplay: Jan-Ole Gerster
  • Cinematography: Philipp Kirsamer
  • Editor: Anja Siemens
  • Sound: Magnus Pflüger
  • Music: Cherylin MacNeil
  • Producer: Marcos Kantis
  • Production Companies: Schiwago Film GmbH, Chromosom Filmproduktion
  • Swiss Distribution: Filmcoopi Zürich AG
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