Side Events


Film Music Competition

Introduced in 2012, the International Film Music Competition has become an integral part of the Zurich Film Festival’s side programme. The event takes place at Tonhalle Zürich. Composers of any age, any nationality and any domicile who have not set more than 3 feature films (longer than 60 minutes) to music are eligible to participate.

The competition requires entrants to compose a brand new score for a short film of about 5 minutes. A jury with renowned international experts will pick three entries to participate in the finals. These compositions will be world-premiered at a film music concert in the frame of the Zurich Film Festival. On the same evening, the winner will be chosen by an international jury and awarded the Golden Eye “Best International Film Music” endowed with CHF 10 000.

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ZFF Masters

The ZFF MASTERS are chaired discussions with celebrated personalities from the international film industry. They offer the public a fascinating insight into the creative process and attitude to film of directors, screenwriters, producers and actors. These renowned experts are available for public question-and-answer sessions.

The ZFF MASTERS are publicly accessible events aimed both at the film industry and festival visitors.

ZFF Talks

With film as its focus, the ZFF TALKS series offers experts from various sectors the opportunity to explore controversial issues currently affecting culture, science and politics. The ZFF TALKS are free of charge and open to the public.

Zurich Summit

The Zurich Summit has its origin in the Film Finance Forum that is realised annually in Los Angeles, New York, Cannes, Shanghai, and Rio de Janeiro. First implemented within the framework of the Zurich Film Festival 2010, the Film Finance Forum @ Zurich Film Festival has developed into a major platform dealing with film financing, marketing and distribution in the German-speaking world. Now it forms the basis of the very first ZURICH SUMMIT. The event is organised by the Spoundation Motion Picture AG in association with Winston | Baker and the Zurich Film Festival.

Zurich Summit is a hub for entrepreneurs, leading figures and creatives from the film, entertainment and media industries. With the realisation that these sectors are increasingly operating as one unit rather than individual enterprises, it is the aim of Zurich Summit to bring together their diversities.

Learning from other successful models, adapting them and allowing you to profit - that is the primary goal of Zurich Summit. It is about the exchange of new ideas, contacts and models. In addition to panels and round tables, the forum also offers one-on-one discussions with its speakers.

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ZFF Master Class


ZFF MASTER CLASS facilitates networking between young, talented filmmakers and leading experts from the film industry and imparts creative filmmaking know-how. Participants are given the opportunity to interact with established industry role models who are themselves exceptional filmmakers. The ZFF MASTER CLASS serves as a source of motivation and inspiration for young filmmakers.

The ZFF MASTER CLASS first took place in 2006 and has grown ever since. Former ZFF MASTER CLASS speakers include:

Claire Denis, Stefan Arndt, Pietro Scalia, Jessica Hausner, Nenad Puhovski, Terry Gilliam, Ken Loach, Peter Fonda, Costa-Gavras, Oliver Stone, Moritz Bleibtreu, Stephen Frears, Ueli Steiger and many more.

Visit the official ZFF MASTER CLASS website.

ZFF for Pupils


‚ZFF for Pupils’ offers kids, pupils and youths an understanding of film culture beyond the mainstream, and aims to increase media literacy in an image-dominated world. Films can challenge and cause reflection upon one’s own reality; they are a source of identification with heroes, idols, dreamers and losers.

Film education at the ZFF centres on strengthening individual attitudes, creating differentiated positions and discussing what has been seen. Kids and youths learn how to consciously appreciate the impact of images, and discover how impressions can be processed.

‚ZFF for Pupils’ offers teachers an alternative way of integrating socially relevant issues into the learning environment. The films for kids at primary school level are screened in the original language, while the dialogue is simultaneously spoken out live in German. Secondary school pupils are shown German-language films or foreign-language films with subtitles.

ZFF 72

ZFF 72 is an online film competition organised by the Zurich Film Festival. The competition is open to all film enthusiasts. ZFF 72 gives filmmakers 72 hours to produce a film clip based on a given theme lasting no longer than 72 seconds. Entrants are free to choose the genre of their film: from fiction and documentary to CGI and stop motion - everything is allowed. Up for grabs is a Jury Award chosen by a panel of experts and a Viewers Award chosen by the online voting community.