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by Shamira Raphaëla ZFF for Kids

14-year-old Shabu has it all figured out: He is bubbling with creativity and wants nothing more than to make music and dance all summer long to get a little bit closer to his dream of a music career. But when he crashes his grandma's car, Shabu has to pay for the damage. He is ordered to sell ice in the neighbourhood. This doesn't fit in at all with Shabu's crazy ideas. Filmmaker Shamira Raphaëla accompanies the lovable teenager with the big plans and dives into the colourful life of a Rotterdam housing estate. An energetic documentary for the whole family.

Age rating: from 6 years, recommended from 12 years

  • Genre: Docudrama
  • Country, Year: Netherlands, Belgium, 2021
  • Runtime: 76 Min
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Subtitles: German, English
  • Director: Shamira Raphaëla
  • Cast: Shabu A.
  • Screenplay: Shamira Raphaëla
  • Cinematography: Jurgen Lisse
  • Editor: David Verdurme
  • Sound: Regard Ibrahim
  • Music: Michael Varenkamp
  • Producers: Nienke Korthof, Willem Baptist, Maarten Bernearts, Barbara Dyck, Sebastiaan Boot
  • Production Companies: Tangerine Tree, Diplodokus
  • World Sales: Reservoir Docs
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