• Labyrinthus
  • Labyrinthus
  • Labyrinthus


by Douglas Boswell ZFF for Kids

The 14-year-old boy Frikke lives with mother Tilde, sister Dorien and dog Pikkles in a quiet provincial town. After school, he happens upon a computer game where real children are uploaded into a virtual labyrinth. A last distress call from a frightened girl reaches him from the depths of this labyrinth, and so he meets Nola. In a race against time, he must find the evil inventor of the game to free his friends Marko and Nola. To play or not to play? That is Frikke’s fateful question, because the lives of his friends are in danger.

  • Genre: Family Film
  • Country, Year: Belgium, Netherlands, 2014
  • Runtime: 96 Min
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Director: Douglas Boswell
  • Cast: Spencer Bogaert, Emma Verlinden, Felix Maesschalck, Pepijn Caudron
  • Screenplay: Pierre De Clercq
  • Cinematography: Reinier van Brummelen
  • Editor: Jan Hameeuw
  • Sound: Benoit de Clerck
  • Music: Pieter van Dessel
  • Producers: Bart van Langendonck, Peter Bouckaert
  • Co-Producer: Floor Onrust
  • Production Company: Savage Film
  • World Sales: Ramonda Inc.
  • www.labyrinthusdefilm.be/en
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