• Fang den Haider
  • Fang den Haider
  • Fang den Haider

Fang den Haider

by Nathalie Borgers Focus Switzerland, Germany, Austria / Competition

Nobody had greater appeal to many Austrians than the FPÖ leader Jörg Haider. His electorate could never say with certainty what exactly it was they voted for: An ideology? A friend? Or a man who gave away money and made a whole heap of promises? A loud whisper spread across Europe when the right-wing populist entered the Austrian parliament in 1999. Following his death by car accident in 2008, Haider became a myth, something faithful companions and critics are still working to understand today. But who was this man really? And how is it that even following a corruption scandal, Haider is still being heralded as a hero? Belgian filmmaker Nathalie Borgers makes her way to Kärnten to find out. She explores Haider’s geographic and emotional homeland, his associates and his family in probably the only way possible: from the outside. Her discoveries range from the absurdly comical to the outlandishly irritating.

  • Genre: DOC: History & Politics
  • Country, Year: Austria, Germany, 2015
  • Runtime: 91 Min
  • Languages: German, French
  • Subtitles: German
  • Director: Nathalie Borgers
  • Screenplay: Nathalie Borgers
  • Cinematography: Helmut Wimmer
  • Editor: Elke Groen
  • Sound: Bruno Pisek
  • Music: Thierry Zaboitzeff
  • Producer: Kurt Mayer
  • Production Company: Kurt Mayer Film
  • World Sales: Deckert Distribution GmbH
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