• Fang den Haider
  • Fang den Haider
  • Fang den Haider

Fang den Haider

by Nathalie Borgers Focus Competition

Nobody had greater appeal to many Austrians than the FPÖ leader Jörg Haider. His electorate could never say with certainty what exactly it was they voted for: An ideology? A friend? Or a man who gave away money and made a whole heap of promises? A loud whisper spread across Europe when the right-wing populist entered the Austrian parliament in 1999. Following his death by car accident in 2008, Haider became a myth, something faithful companions and critics are still working to understand today. But who was this man really? And how is it that even following a corruption scandal, Haider is still being heralded as a hero? Belgian filmmaker Nathalie Borgers makes her way to Kärnten to find out. She explores Haider’s geographic and emotional homeland, his associates and his family in probably the only way possible: from the outside. Her discoveries range from the absurdly comical to the outlandishly irritating.

  • Genre: DOC: History & Politics
  • Country, Year: Austria, Germany, 2015
  • Runtime: 91 Min
  • Languages: German, French
  • Subtitles: German
  • Director: Nathalie Borgers
  • Screenplay: Nathalie Borgers
  • Cinematography: Helmut Wimmer
  • Editor: Elke Groen
  • Sound: Bruno Pisek
  • Music: Thierry Zaboitzeff
  • Producer: Kurt Mayer
  • Production Company: Kurt Mayer Film
  • World Sales: Deckert Distribution GmbH
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