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by Anita Rocha Da Silveira Hashtag #MyReligion

21-year-old Mariana lives in a radical Christian community in Brazil, where she does her best to be a moral woman. At night, she and her friends express their religiosity in other ways: Masked, they hunt down and beat up less virtuous women. When Mariana herself is scarred in one of the assaults, she loses her job at the beauty clinic and finds work in a nursing home for coma patients. There she encounters more victims of her gang and her faith begins to waver. The stylish horror film MEDUSA is a convincing and gripping parable about religion, politics and violence in today's Brazil.

  • Genre: Horror
  • Country, Year: Brazil, 2021
  • Runtime: 127 Min
  • Languages: Portuguese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Anita Rocha Da Silveira
  • Cast: Mari Oliveira, Lara Tremouroux, Joana Medeiros, Felipe Frazão, Bruna G, Carol Romano, João Vithor Oliveira, Bruna Linzmeyer, Thiago Fragoso
  • Screenplay: Anita Rocha Da Silveira
  • Cinematography: João Atala
  • Editor: Marilia Moraes
  • Sound: Evandro Lima
  • Music: Bernardo Uzeda
  • Producers: Vania Catani, Tarcila Jacob
  • Production Companies: Bananeira Filmes, MyMama Entertainment, Brisa Filmes, Telecine Programação De Filmes Ltda, Canal Brasil, Cajamanga
  • World Sales: Best Friend Forever
  • Swiss Distribution: trigon-film
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