• Monday um Zehn
  • Monday um Zehn
  • Monday um Zehn

Monday um Zehn

by Mareille Klein Focus Competition

Helga is stuck in her middle-class home, literally: the 62-year-old fell through the floor and is only discovered the next day. But even when she’s no longer trapped, Helga’s stuck in a rut. Ever since her husband left her, resentment has prevented her from moving on. Polish cleaner Ryszard, however, breathes fresh air into her life. Initially her emotional punching bag, he soon becomes her lover. But Helga can't really stand by Ryszard in front of her friends, and her newfound happiness soon threatens to leave her again. Director Mareille Klein skilfully stages her characters naturally and humorously. She subtly exposes racism and prejudice, while proving she has excellent comedic timing.

About the director(s)

The first documentary film by the former journalist Mareille Klein AUF TEUFEL KOMM RAUS celebrated its international premiere at Toronto. Her feature film DINKY SINKY won the award for best screenplay at Munich. Her second feature film MONDAY UM ZEHN also premiered at Munich and won the FIPRESCI Prize.

Filmography (selection): Monday um Zehn (2021) | Dinky Sinky (2016) | Auf Teufel Komm Raus (doc, 2010)

About the director(s)
  • Genre: Tragicomedy
  • Country, Year: Germany, Switzerland, 2021
  • Runtime: 98 Min
  • Languages: German, English, Polish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Mareille Klein
  • Cast: Ulrike Willenbacher, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Imogen Kogge, Franziska Machens, Ueli Jäggi, Gottfried Breitfuss
  • Screenplay: Mareille Klein
  • Cinematography: Patrick Orth
  • Editor: Mechthild Barth
  • Sound: Jürg Lempen
  • Music: Carolin Heiss
  • Producers: Thomas Wöbke, Philipp Trauer, Ruth Waldburger, Christian Becker
  • Production Companies: Berghaus/Wöbke Filmproduktion GmbH, Vega Film AG, Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH, BR Bayerischer Rundfunk, ARTE
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