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by Juan Minujín International Feature Film / Competition

Julián Lamar is a mediocre actor making his way through life in Buenos Aires by taking on mediocre roles. Lonely and desperate for recognition, he tries to put on a brave face while others reap applause, but inside he’s seething. Trapped inside his own head, his frustrations become increasingly threatening and aggressive, expressing themselves in monologues which oscillate between torrents of hatred and the verbalisation of his sexual obsessions. When a renowned American director chooses to shoot a western in Argentina and begins a search for actors, Julián sees his big chance. He wants the leading role at all costs, and he wants to be more successful than anybody ever! With the first audition just around the corner, he throws on his cowboy outfit and rehearses the role at home. But the bitterness caused by his lack of self-esteem places huge obstacles in his way. Bit by bit, the thoughts in his head slowly eat him up.

  • Genre: Satire
  • Country, Year: Argentina, 2011
  • Runtime: 87 Min
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Juan Minujín
  • Cast: Guillermo Arengo, Daniel Fanego, Pilar Gamboa, Juan Minujín
  • Screenplay: Juan Minujín, Facundo Agrelo
  • Cinematography: Lucio Bonelli
  • Editor: Pablo Barbieri
  • Sound: Jésica Suarez
  • Music: Diego Vainer
  • Producers: Diego Dubcovsky, Sebastián Ponce
  • Production Companies: BD Cine, Mirá Cine
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