• El Invierno
  • El Invierno
  • El Invierno

El Invierno

by Emiliano Torres Feature Film Competition

Endless territory, barren meadows and towering mountains on a distant horizon: Evans has lived almost his entire life in the deep south of Patagonia. As the foreman on a remote sheep station, the 70-year-old welcomes a new group of seasonal workers every summer. It is the same procedure every year while only the faces of the workers change. However, it is time to hand over the job along with its associated home to the younger and stronger Indio Jara. Having travelled from the far north, this is the first time Jara has encountered both sheep and horses – and his first experience of the long Patagonian winter. As the first snow falls, Jara must find his own way through the cold loneliness. Simultaneously, Evans is helplessly looking for a new home while only ever having known that one house and that one bed which he is not prepared to give up with ease. A great tale of two reticent survivalists – a calm yet intense drama by director Emiliano Torres.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Argentina, France, 2016
  • Runtime: 97 Min
  • Languages: Spanish, Guarani
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Emiliano Torres
  • Cast: Alejandro Sieveking, Cristian Salguero, Adrián Fondari, Pablo Cedrón, Eva Jarriau
  • Screenplay: Emiliano Torres, Marcelo Chaparro
  • Cinematography: Ramiro Civita
  • Editor: Alejandro Brodersohn
  • Sound: Santiago Fumagalli, Pierre-Yves Lavoué, Federico Esquerro
  • Music: Cyril Morin
  • Producers: Ezequiel Borovinsky, Alejandro Israel, Raphaël Berdugo, Emiliano Torres
  • Executive Producers: Ezequiel Borivinsky, Alejandro Israel
  • Production Companies: Wanka Cine, Ajimolido Films
  • World Sales: Cité Films
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