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Zone Rouge

by Cihan Inan Special Screenings

After a class reunion, the successful interpreter Marie invites the old gang from 25 years ago over for a nightcap: Patrick, an actor and Marie's old childhood sweetheart; Semiha, now a university professor; Andreas, the eternal student; and former soldier Georges. Old patterns soon emerge triggered by superficial chatter: Patrick's love for Marie is reignited; Semiha, still as sharp and attractive as ever also feels more alone than ever; and Andreas is frustrated with his eternal search for identity. Only Georges remains strangely distanced, as there is a dark shadow hanging over the exuberant mood. At dawn, nothing is as it was. Director Cihan Inan has created an intense and intimate film about long-suppressed truths that suddenly come to light.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Switzerland, 2018
  • Runtime: 90 Min
  • Languages: German, Swiss German, French, English, Turkish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Cihan Inan
  • Cast: Chantal Le Moign, Siir Eloglu, Nicolas Rosat, Christopher Buchholz, Marie Popall, Helmut Mooshammer, Michael Neuenschwander
  • Screenplay: Cihan Inan, Alexander Seibt, Uwe Lützen
  • Cinematography: René Richter
  • Editor: Kaya Inan
  • Sound: Balthasar Jucker
  • Music: Diego Baldenweg, Nora Baldenweg, Lionel Vincent Baldenweg
  • Producer: Claudia Wick
  • Production Company: Abrakadabra Films AG
  • Swiss Distribution: Frenetic Films AG
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