• Marie-Louise
  • Marie-Louise
  • Marie-Louise


by Leopold Lindtberg Special Screenings

It’s 1943 and little Marie-Louise has arrived with a group of other French children to spend three months convalescing in Switzerland. When a plan to pick her up goes awry, Red Cross worker Heidi Rüegg decides to take the child home herself. Factory director Mr Rüegg disapproves of his daughter’s decision, but his heart soon melts. When the 90 days are up, Marie-Louise has no wish to return to France. In collaboration with Praesens Film, Cinémathèque Suisse, Memoriav and Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF, ZFF presents the world premiere screening of the fully restored digital version of this Swiss cinema classic. MARIE-LOUISE was the first foreign language film to win an Academy Award, receiving the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1946.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Switzerland, 1944
  • Runtime: 100 Min
  • Languages: Swiss German, French
  • Subtitles: German, French
  • Director: Leopold Lindtberg
  • Cast: Josiane Hegg, Heinrich Gretler, Anne-Marie Blanc, Margrit Winter, Armin Schweizer
  • Screenplay: Richard Schweizer
  • Cinematography: Emil Berna
  • Editor: Hermann Haller
  • Music: Robert Blum
  • Producer: Lazar Wechsler
  • Production Company: Praesens Film AG
  • Swiss Distribution: Praesens Film AG
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