Louise Wimmer
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Premiere in the German-language Realm

Louise Wimmer

by Cyril Mennegun

Country / Year
France / 2011
80 Min.
Cyril Mennegun
Corinne Masiero,
Jérôme Kircher,
Anne Benoit,
Marie Kremer

Louise Wimmer lived a happy life in a beautiful house with a nice husband and an adorable daughter. But all that has gone. Following a painful divorce, the proud 50-something has left her comfortable life behind. She finds casual work at a motel during the day and spends her nights on the streets, slumming it in her old car. Louise wants to make it out of this rut on her own. An encounter with the helpful Paul soon develops into an affair, but Louise keeps him at arm’s length, just as she does her caring daughter. She needs the help of nobody. In order to find her way, however, Louise gradually realises she must open up. LOUISE WIMMER is the character study of a stubborn woman attempting to conceal her vulnerability – but never quite managing it.

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