The City of Zurich is situated at the heart of Europe and forms the cultural and economic centre of Switzerland. This lakeside metropolis with views into the Swiss Alps is the largest city in Switzerland with a population of about 440 000 inhabitants. With two thirds of all swiss film companies based here, it is the undisputed capital of Swiss film and offers the perfect environment for a film festival. Over the course of eleven days, in the city with the world's highest concentration of cinemas, the Zurich Film Festival presents film premieres from all over the globe and facilitates direct on-the-spot exchange with the filmmakers. Zurich is not only a favoured production site, it is also highly regarded by visitors for its cultural and gastronomic diversity and the countless opportunities for repose and relaxation it has to offer.


Zurich Main Station can be reached from the airport by regular train connections (e.g. S2, S16, S24) in just 10 minutes, by taxi in 20 minutes and via tram n° 10.

A list of large parking lots in the vicinity of the Festival Centre can be found here. You can also park your car in the blue-marked zones if you have a day permit.   

You'll find the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) timetable here: Online timetable.

We highly recommend that you use public_local transport. You can purchase your public_local transport ticket quickly and easily online, at the railway ticket office, at the ticket machine or via Rail Service (tel. 0848 44 66 88, CHF 0.08/Min. 24/7).

public_local transport in Zurich

We recommend that you use public_local transport to travel to and from our various festival locations. You'll find all connections and routes online here: Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV).

Festival Locations

Situated in the heart of Zurich on the shore of Lake Zurich, the Festival Centre on the Sechseläutenplatz near Bellevue is the hub of festival activities.

Festival tent from outside at sunset


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