Another Happy Day
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Premiere in the German-language Realm

Another Happy Day

by Sam Levinson

Secondary title
Another Happy Day
Country / Year
USA / 2011
100 Min.
Family Drama
Sam Levinson
Ellen Barkin,
Ezra Miller,
Kate Bosworth,
Demi Moore

As a single mother, Lynn has a tough time with her children. And this weekend is the last straw. On the way to the wedding of her eldest son, who grew up with his father, the misbehaviour of her three teenagers sends her up the wall. The dreaded meeting with her ex-husband and his intolerable second wife is still to come, and goes pretty much as badly as she expected. To add to her stress, Lynn has to avoid her parents and her alcoholic sister at this tragicomic family gathering, or face criticism from them over the conduct of her uncontrollable children. Lynn makes every effort to reach out to her relatives – but each attempt at contact is blocked.

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