Tickets for the 13th Zurich Film Festival are available on this website (browse through our programme and you will find the ticket buttons at every single film and event) and on

Find all the information about ticket sales below.

Where can I buy tickets?


From September 18:

  • (browse through the programme -> you will find the ticket buttons at every single film and event)


From September 18:

  • all Starticket points of sale
  • ticket booth at Paradeplatz (12:00 – 19:00)
  • Cinema Corso (16:00 – 21:00)

From September 25 in addition:

  • ticket booth at Sihlcity (11:00 – 21:00)
  • Riffraff Kino/Bar/Bistro (16:00 – 21:00)

From September 28 in addition:

  • Festival Center at Sechseläutenplatz (11:00 – 21:30, on first festival day from 12:00 pm)
  • Cinemas: Arthouse Le Paris, Corso, Filmpodium (open daily 30 min. before first screening starts)

You have the possibility to purchase any returned tickets for sold-out screenings 15 minutes before the respective film begins.

Ticket Prices

* AHV / IV / Legi / Kultur Legi
** Before 18.00, excl. weekends, when evening prices apply
*** After 18.00

The minimum age for entry to all films is 16 (exception: ZFF for Kids).

Festival Passes

Holders of a Festival Pass can obtain cinema tickets online or at all ZFF points of sale for films screened on the same day or the following day. For pre-sold-out screenings: At the Festival Centre and at the Sihlcity ticket booth, there is a contingency of tickets available exclusively to pass holders. The Festival Passes are presonalised and non-transferable.

Multi-Pass (CHF 149.– / CHF 129.– *)

Valid for all sections (Competition sections, Special Screenings, New World View, Border Lines, Window to the World, TVision, ZFF for Kids, Retrospectives and ZFF Masters). The Mulit-Pass is not valid for: Gala Premieres, Special Galas and Golden Icon Award.
* AHV / IV / Legi / Kultur Legi

Afternoon Pass (CHF 59.–)

Valid for all regular screenings and ZFF Masters (see Multi-Pass) that begin before 18.00 (including weekends). The pass is not valid for: Gala Premieres, Special Galas and Golden Icon Award.

ZFF Cards

ZFF Card (CHF 29.- / 24.-)

The ZFF Card allows you to purchase 1 reduced-price ticket per regular screening. Holders of a, ArenaCard or the Filmpodium’s GA or Half Fare Card can purchase the ZFF Card for CHF 24.–.

Buy ZFF Card

10 Competition Films Card (CHF 120.-)

This subscription card allows you to obtain 10 cinema tickets for any of the films screened in the competition sections (International Feature Film, International Documentary Film, and Focus Switzerland, Germany, Austria). You can use this card to purchase multiple tickets for any competition screening.

Buy 10 Competition Card 

ZFF Voucher (CHF 26.-)

A ZFF voucher can be redeemed free of charge at all points of sale for a ticket to any screening with an entry price up to CHF 26.-.

Buy ZFF Voucher