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Red Joan

by Trevor Nunn Gala Premieres

In a quaint little village in England Joan Stanley is enjoying her well-deserved retirement. When suddenly MI5 agents come knocking at the door and take her away in handcuffs, her leisurely everyday life is turned upside down. The charismatic pensioner has a well-kept secret: she is one of history’s most influential spies. A leap into the past reveals the fateful encounter that once secured Joan’s position as an agent. It is on Cambridge University's campus in the 1930s that Joan falls in love with the seductive and extremely manipulative Russian Leo, who increasingly begins to influence the young woman’s view of the world. After the war, Joan begins work in a top-secret nuclear facility and is soon faced with an impossible decision: is she willing to betray her homeland for the sake of peace?

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Country, Year: UK, 2018
  • Runtime: 110 Min
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: German
  • Director: Trevor Nunn
  • Cast: Judi Dench, Stephen Campbell Moore, Sophie Cookson, Tom Hughes, Ben Miles
  • Screenplay: Lindsay Shapero
  • Cinematography: Zac Nicholson
  • Editor: Kristina Hetherington
  • Music: George Fenton
  • Producers: David Parfitt, Alice Dawson, Ivan Mactaggart, Karl Sydow, Tim Haslam, Hugo Grumbar, Zygi Kamasa, James Atherton, Jan Pace, Kelly E Ashton
  • Production Company: Trademark Films
  • World Sales: Embankment Films
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