The Other Half of the Sky

by Patrik Soergel International Documentary Film / Competition

They are four of the most successful businesswomen in China: Belonging to a generation who experienced the austerity of China's cultural revolution, followed by the subsequent economic boom, they have worked their way to the very top in a patriarchal society. Today, Yang Lan is the owner of one of the leading private media companies. Dong Mingzhu is a tenacious female CEO, heading up the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioning systems. Zhang Lan is a tycoon in the luxury restaurant business. Zhou Yi is a top manager working for a big american IT company. How were these careers built? What are the social and economic contexts in which they operate? And what do these women think about the political, social and cultural state of their country? The latest documentary film by Patrik Soergel, who won a Golden Eye at ZFF seven years ago with THE SOUND AFTER THE STORM, takes an intense and unique look at the mentalities of female executives, and explores the huge transformation taking place in China today.

  • Genre: DOC: Social & Human Interest
  • Country, Year: Switzerland, 2016
  • Runtime: 80 Min
  • Languages: Chinese, Mandarin, English
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Patrik Soergel
  • Cast: Zhang Lan, Zhou Yi, Dong Mingzhu, Yang Lan
  • Cinematography: Sven O. Hill
  • Editor: Bettina Tognola
  • Sound: Flavio Cristilli
  • Producer: Nicola Genni
  • Co-Producers: Sven O. Hill, Silvana Bezzola Rigolini
  • Executive Producer: Nicola Bernasconi
  • Production Company: Pic-Film SA
  • World Sales: Magnetfilm GmbH
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3 reviews

Roger S (rs), 1 Year ago

Der Schweizer Regisseur Patrik Soergel zeigt uns einen interessanten Dokumentarfilm über vier Frauen, die auf der Welle der rasanten Entwicklung Chinas erfolgreich Karriere gemacht haben.

Patrik Soergel hat sich auch in diesem Film vom Thema Transformation inspirieren lassen, wie er in der anschliessenden und informativen Q&A erzählt. Die Szenen, in denen die vier Frauen einen Einblick in ihre Vergangenheit und Denkweise gewähren, musste Patrik Soergel in kurzen Zeitinseln einfangen (eine Rahmenbedingung, die durch den jeweils vollgepackten Terminkalender der vier Frauen vorgegeben wurde). Und laut Aussage von Patrik Soergel eine von vielen Herausforderungen, die er im Zuge dieses Films meistern musste.

[Update]: Auf dem YouTube Channel vom ZFF gibt's zudem ein Kurz-Interview mit Patrik Soergel (in English).

Silvie Seidlitz, 1 Year ago

Women are so strong in China