• Boi Neon / Neon Bull
  • Boi Neon / Neon Bull
  • Boi Neon / Neon Bull
  • Boi Neon / Neon Bull

Boi Neon / Neon Bull

by Gabriel Mascaro Feature Film Competition

Iremar dreams of creating exquisite gowns and jetting off around the world working as a fashion designer. Now in his late twenties, he travels instead from one ‘vaquejada’ show to another through the northeast of Brazil with 12 strong bulls, his hard-working colleague Zé, their extrovert female wagon driver and dancer, Galega, and her young daughter, Cacá. This Brazilian variation of the rodeo is loved by the land’s country folk. But it’s hard work: their earnings are measly and both humans and animals share one huge transporter, which also doubles as a caravan. Each of them dreams of a different life, but this colourful troop of casual workers has developed into a surrogate family where each member can follow his own wishes in his own way. Sensual, poetic, intelligent cinema from Brazil. Director Gabriel Mascaro uses the story of these migratory workers to reflect upon his country’s most recent cultural and economic changes.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Brazil, Uruguay, Netherlands, 2015
  • Runtime: 103 Min
  • Languages: Portuguese
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Gabriel Mascaro
  • Cast: Juliano Cazarré, Maeve Jinkings, Alyne Santana, Carlos Pessoa
  • Screenplay: Gabriel Mascaro
  • Cinematography: Diego Garcia
  • Editors: Fernando Epstein, Eduardo Serrano
  • Sound: Fabian Oliver
  • Music: Otávio Santos, Cláudio N, Carlos Montenegro
  • Producer: Rachel Ellis
  • Co-Producers: Sandino Saravia, Marleen Slot
  • Executive Producers: Rachel Ellis, Sandino Saravia, Marleen Slot
  • Production Company: Desvia
  • World Sales: Memento Films International
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