Together with SWISS FILMS and SRG SSR, we organize the exclusive Awards Special Screening, which takes place during the Zurich Film Festival. In a closed screening, we show the Swiss film entry to voting Oscar voters and thus aim to strengthen the candidate for the race for the golden statue and increase the chances of a nomination.

The Swiss Oscar candidate FOUDRE (Thunder) by Carmen Jaquier will be shown to a selected audience during the 19th Zurich FIlm Festival.

2023: FOUDRE (Thunder) by Carmen Jaquier

Summer in a Swiss village around 1900. When 17-year-old novice Elisabeth learns of the sudden death of her eldest sister, Innocente, she is forced to return to her family's farm. As soon as she arrives, the circumstances of her sister's death are shrouded in a strange silence, and Elisabeth begins to suspect that there must be more to it. Between hard graft on the field, a conservative Christian home, and the furtive glances of the village's male youth, she delves deeper and deeper into Innocente's secrets. The highly talented Western Swiss director Carmen Jaquier explores female emancipation in the midst of oppressive social norms in impressively composed images.

Winner Film Award of the Zurich Churches 2022

Genre: Drama

Country, Year: Switzerland, 2022

Runtime: 92 Min

Director: Carmen Jaquier

Producer: Flavia Zanon, Joëlle Bertossa

Previous Awards Special Screenings

In the framework of the Zurich Summit we presented the Swiss Oscar candidate DRII WINTER in the presence of Michael Koch (director) and Christof Neracher (producer). The screening took place in a private setting at the Signau House. Following the screening, guests in attendance gathered for drinks before they were invited to join the traditional Zurich Summit Dinner to close out the weekend.

Michael Koch und Christof Neracher

Drii Winter

In a remote Alpine village isolated from the outside world, young love is put to the test. Anna comes from the village and has a daughter from an earlier relationship, while Marco is an outsider from the flatlands hired by the mountain farmers to work the rugged land. Together they experience the joy of new love and the closeness of family. But when Marco suddenly starts losing control over his impulses and behaving erratically, a new tension rises in the community. Through the changing seasons and the harshness of life, Anna fights to preserve a love she believes can outshine even death.

Genre: Drama

Country, Year: Switzerland, 2022

Runtime: 136 Min

Director: Michael Koch

Producer: Christof Neracher

At the Awards Special Screening in 2021, Elie Grappe (director) and Jean-Marc Fröhle (producer) showed their Oscar candidate OLGA. Among the AMPAS audience were MGM bosses Pamela Abdy and Michael de Luca.


Jean-Marc Fröhle and Elie Grappe


Exiled in Switzerland, Olga, 15, is a talented Ukrainian gymnast. Like all athletes at the top of their game, she dreams of Olympic gold. She tries her best to fit into her new national team but, as the European Championship draws near, the revolution in Kiev shakes her world and tests her will.

Genre: Drama

Country, Year: Switzerland, 2021

Runtime: 85 Min

Director: Elie Grappe

Producer: Jean-Marc Fröhle

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