Year after year, the ZFF brings world stars to Zurich. Around the festival, there are plenty of opportunities to get close to Hollywood celebrities for once or to get profound insights into their artistic work.

Portrait of Roland Emmerich

A Tribute to… Award

Roland Emmerich

Roland Emmerich is one of Hollywood’s most successful directors, producers and screenwriters, whose films – including INDEPENDENCE DAY (1996), STARGATE (1994), GODZILLA (1998), THE PATRIOT (2000), THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW (2004) and WHITE HOUSE DOWN (2013) – have taken in more than $4 billion worldwide.

In his native Germany, Roland’s career began when his student project DAS ARCHE NOAH PRINZIP (1984), played in competition at the Berlin Film Festival. He subsequently set up Centropolis Entertainment in 1985 and under this banner, he
has produced and directed more than 20 feature films. While he is known for his blockbuster films, Emmerich is equally comfortable directing more personal projects such as ANONYMOUS (2011) and STONEWALL (2015). Emmerich is a campaigner and contributor for various charities and projects including, the Gay and Lesbian Education Network (GLSEN), Global Green and American Red Cross. His latest feature, MIDWAY is slated to be released on November 8, 2019. Roland Emmerich will collect the ZFF’s Golden Eye on Sunday, September 29. The ZFF honours the filmmaker by screening 10 of his works in a comprehensive retrospective.

Portrait of Cate Blanchett

Golden Icon Award

Cate Blanchett

One face, many iconic roles and
a spectrum of convincing character studies that is as broad as
it is subtle: The Australian Cate Blanchett’s ability to transform is legendary.

She was already making waves in the Australian theatre scene not long after graduating from the National Institute
of Dramatic Arts. Shortly after giving her film debut in the 1997 war drama PARADISE ROAD, Blanchett went on to celebrate her international breakthrough after landing the Oscar-nominated
title role in ELIZABETH (1998). Blanchett expanded her repertoire by playing Elbin Galadriel in the epic fantasy saga THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2001-2003), and attracted international attention for her performances in AVIATOR (2004) and BABEL (2006). Her most memorable roles include her interpretation of Bob Dylan in I’M NOT THERE (2007), her Academy Award-winning title role in Woody Allen’s BLUE JASMINE (2013) and her performance alongside Rooney Mara in CAROL (2015). Cate Blanchett brings her most recent production, Richard Linklater’s WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE (2019), to Zurich. She will collect the ZFF’s Golden Eye on October 5. The ZFF honours the actress by screening a selection of her works in a retrospective.

Portrait of Kristen Stewart

Golden Eye Award

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is one of the
most accomplished, talented and in-demand young actresses in Hollywood.

In 2015, she became the first American actress to be awarded a César Award in the Best Supporting Actress category for her role in Olivier Assayas’ SILS MARIA. In January 2017, Stewart made her directorial debut with COME SWIM, which premiered at Sundance. Stewart was introduced to worldwide audiences in 2002 with her gripping performance alongside Jodie Foster in PANIC ROOM. Her star took a huge rise when she starred as Bella Swan
in the hit franchise THE TWILIGHT SAGA (2008-2012). She also starred in box office winner SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (2012), and in Walter Salles’ ON THE ROAD (2012). Stewart’s career has displayed a challenging assortment
of characters in additional films including PERSONAL SHOPPER (2016) and CERTAIN WOMEN (2016). She most recently starred in the title role in SEBERG (2019), which she will personally present in Zurich and receive ZFF’s Golden Eye Award the same night, on October 2.

You can get up-close and personal with the ZFF Guests in Zurich at the following events:

At Sechseläutenplatz, the hub of the ZFF, the Green Carpet is rolled out to cue the start of the festival. This is where our guests appear to the delight of their fans and the general public_local, pose for photos and give interviews as they make their way to the movie theatre. Whether you plan to visit the Green Carpet or just happen to be strolling past Sechseläutenplatz, the chances are you'll cross paths here with a world-class star.  

As part of the ZFF Masters, our audience finds itself in a cinema theatre to listen to talks with actors, directors, screenwriters or other film workers. In addition to offering insights into their creative work, guests often recite amusing anecdotes from their personal careers and are also available to answer audience questions.

Each year, the Gala section of the ZFF presents top-class auteur films with mass audience appeal and invites film workers to present their productions in person. This framework allows us to welcome numerous guests who answer questions before or after presenting their films to the public_local. This direct contact with film workers sets the ZFF cinema experience apart from the everyday cinema visit.

With film as its focus, the ZFF Talks series offers experts from various sectors the opportunity to explore controversial issues currently affecting the fields of culture, science and politics. The ZFF Talks are free of charge, open to the public_local and are announced together with the festival programme.

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