• 26. July 2018

    Like-minded: 10 films about friendship

    Best friends go through thick and thin. Whether for a short time or for life, friends experience wonderful, bizarre, hilarious and tragic things together. These 10 films highlight growing, profound and unusual relationships between people who, despite all of life's challenges, come together or stay together.

  • 25. July 2018

    ZFF Podcast: Daniel Radcliffe

    The ZFF Podcasts offer a selection of recorded interviews, talks and Q&A’s that with fascinating insights into the creative process of directors, screenwriters, producers and actors, with renowned personalities. Today’s podcast presents "ZFF Masters" with Daniel Radcliffe. He was a guest in 2016 to personally present his two films Swiss Army Man and Imperium. In the most humorous and cordial way, he talks about the difficulties of playing a dead person in Swiss Army Man ...

  • 19. July 2018

    A Tribute to... Award to German Director Wim Wenders

    Internationally renowned German director Wim Wenders will receive the A Tribute to... Award on October 6. The award will include a retrospective of his work screened in his honour at the 14th Zurich Film Festival.

  • 12. July 2018

    DER LÄUFER premieres in Focus competition at ZFF

    Based on a real-life crime that took place in Berne, DER LÄUFER (MIDNIGHT RUNNER) will screen at Zurich Film Festival. The Swiss production is one of twelve films to compete for the Golden Eye in the festival’s FOCUS competition section. Director Hannes Baumgartner and the producers Stefan Eichenberger and Ivan Madeo from Contrast Film will be in Zurich to present their film.

  • 06. July 2018

    Winning film of the ZFF 72 Summer Edition

    The first ever summer edition of Switzerland’s biggest filmmaking contest has come to an end: the worldwide online community chose ENDLESS SUMMER by Vinay Kalia from a total of more than 100 entries as the winner of the ZFF 72 Summer Edition 2018. The winning film receives the Viewers Award worth CHF 3’000 and can be seen at

  • 05. July 2018

    THREE BILLBOARDS at Openair-Cinema in Zurich and Basel

    Enjoy great Openair-Cinema this summer on the banks of Lake Zurich and at Münsterplatz in Basel: "Allianz Cinema" presents the 2017 competition entry THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI in its "Selected by Zurich Film Festival" section.

  • 04. July 2018

    On The Road: 10 films about being on the move

    Whether you're on a long journey, thumbing a lift in the middle of nowhere or embarking on a road trip, there are things that can only ever happen or be seen while travelling around. But not all on-the-road stories are pleasant - or even voluntary. Outsider Star has no real place to call home in AMERICAN HONEY, BECOMING WHO I WAS sees Tibetan youngster Angdu set out on a long trek, and 'Madame B, histoire ...

  • 29. June 2018

    ZFF 72 Summer Edition: Contest theme is "Summer Love"

    The contest theme of the first ZFF 72 Summer Edition ist SOMMER LOVE! The participants now have exactly 72 hours (until Monday, July 2 at 12 noon CEST) to complete their film and upload it to the website.

  • 28. June 2018


    This year’s most anticipated Swiss production WOLKENBRUCHS WUNDERLICHE REISE IN DIE ARME EINER SCHICKSE gets its premiere at the ZFF. Director Michael Steiner will present his most recent film together with cast and crew on Saturday, September 29, 2018.

  • 27. June 2018

    „I thought the film would be done in three months.“ QUEST’s Jonathan Olshefski on his documentary

    Jonathan Olshefski was met with surprise when he first stood at Christopher Rainey’s door. „What does this white dude want?“ asked Rainey, who ran a small music studio in North Philadelphia. „Is he a cop? Is he looking for trouble?“ But Jonathan Olshefski wasn’t looking for trouble; he was looking for a subject. He was a photographer and he wanted to do a portrait of Rainey. He never guessed in his wildest dreams ...