Jake Gyllenhaal with STRONGER in Zurich, Mikhail Gorbachev makes an appeal to humankind

03. October 2017

Following two previous entries to the competition section, Michaël R. Roskam returns for the third time to the ZFF with his romantic drama LE FIDÈLE (18:00, Le Paris), which screens on this occasion in the Gala Premieres section. The film, set against the backdrop of a murky 1980s Belgium, sees gangster Gigi (Matthias Schoenaerts) begin an obsessive love affair with racing driver Bibi (Adèle Exarchopoulos). ZFF guest and director Mike White will also present his latest film BRAD’S STATUS (18:30, Corso 1).


Leila Conners’ politically charged THE ARROW OF TIME (18:15, Filmpodium) celebrates its world premiere today. The film brings none other than Nobel Laureate Mikhail Gorbachev to the screen, and questions whether we are on the verge of a new Cold War. Equally explosive is Roland Vranik’s THE CITIZEN (20:30, Piccadilly) whose strong-amateur-actor-cast asylum drama focuses on an African immigrant facing the naturalisation process in Hungary.


The Green Carpet will be well and truly thronging this evening when actor Jake Gyllenhaal’s fan base turns up to greet him as he arrives in Zurich to present his most recent film STRONGER (21:00, Corso 1). Get your photos and autographs at the Green Carpet at Sechseläutenplatz from around 20:15.

Jake Gyllenhaal

We have also managed to secure another new location for that refreshing ‘after drink’: starting this evening and continuing every night from today (Tuesday), you can join us at the Widder Garage for a film, dance and cocktail extravaganza (daily from 22:00-02:00).

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