TWO LOTTERY TICKETS – from no-budget project to surprise hit

30. April 2017

Paul Negoescu’s TWO LOTTERY TICKETS is one of Rumania's most successful box office hits an extraordinary coup for a film produced pretty much without funds. The film celebrated its international premiere in competition at the 12th ZFF.


A few thousand euros here, a few thousand euros there: one of Paul Negoescu’s greatest challenges was financing his film, which went on to become a Rumanian box-office success. In total, he and his team were able to scrape together a budget of around 30,000 euros. According to Negoescu, a film in Rumania usually devours 10-20 times that amount (in comparison, the production costs for shooting an episode of the crime drama ‘Tatort’ in Switzerland amount to around 2.2 million Swiss francs).

The film was realised by the independent production company, which was founded by the three main actors Dragos Bucur, Dorian Boguta and Alexandru Papadopol. Luckily for them, the three also run a drama school, meaning their students were able to play the minor roles.

The buddy film TWO LOTTERY TICKETS attracted more than 100,000 cinemagoers – a remarkable figure for a country dominated by Hollywood productions. Cristi Puius’ SIERANEVADA, which screened in-competition at Cannes in 2016, attracted just under 30,000 viewers to Rumanian cinemas. Its low production costs and a revenue of approximately 534,000 euro makes TWO LOTTERY TICKETS one of the most lucrative productions since the 1989 Revolution.

TWO LOTTERY TICKETS was the second production by Paul Negoescu to screen in-competition at the ZFF. His romantic comedy O LUNA IN THAILANDA screened at a previous ZFF in the International Feature Film Competition section.

Dorian Boguta (cast), Ana Draghici (DOP), Paul Negoescu (director) und Ovidiu Dunel-Stancu (producer) at 12th ZFF.
Photo: Getty

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