DANCER, L'ODYSSÉE and SAFARI hit Swiss cinemas

08. December 2016

Three well-received films from our 2016 Gala Premieres programme open in cinemas across German-speaking Switzerland: DANCER is the captivating portrait of the exceptionally talented ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, we follow marine scientist Jacques-Yves Cousteau in the biopic L'ODYSSÉE and SAFARI offers us an unsparing look at present-day hunting tourism.

DANCER by Steven Cantor | USA, 2016

Sergei Polunin had just turned 19 when he became the primo ballerino at London’s Royal Ballet. The extraordinarily talented Ukranian dancer is considered to be the Enfant Terrible of the ballet scene – as well as the best his generation has to offer. Of humble origins, Sergei was sent to London at the tender age of 13 with his family’s hopes pinned upon him. Young and full of ambition at the time, Sergei battled with exhaustion and inner torment for years to come. On the verge of giving up dance entirely in 2014, he captured the world’s attention with his viral dance video 'Take me to Church'. Using recordings from the family archives, personal interviews and underscored with spectacular dance scenes, filmmaker Steven Cantor paints an intoxicating portrait of a sensitive world-class dancer.

L'ODYSSÉE by Jérôme Salle | France, 2016

Summer 1946. Jacques-Yves Cousteau is living a seemingly paradisiac life in the Mediterranean together with his family. But Cousteau never finds himself in a state of happiness: the entrepreneurial go-getter lives and breathes maritime adventure. Driven by his unshakable belief in progress, he sets sail in his recently purchased research vessel Calypso on a voyage to discover the oceans of the world. Ten years later, his now adult son Philippe wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. While Jacques – who is on the verge of becoming a megalomaniac – dreams of underwater dwellings, his son realises the innovation could be a major danger to the environment. Their relationship is put to the test when the two set off on a joint expedition. L'ODYSSEE is the long-awaited biopic of a world-renowned scientist and filmmaker.

SAFARI by Ulrich Seidl | Austria, Denmark, 2016

Impalas, zebras, giraffes, gnus are only a few of the beautiful creatures which can be found in the wild African bush. A perfect place for German and Austrian tourists to vacation in and reawaken their potential primordial hunting instincts. And the perfect excuse for director Ulrich Seidl to film them and eavesdrop on their conversations after bagging their daily spoils. The uncompromising Austrian filmmaker’s latest work highlights the conscious processes behind shooting a black wildebeest, offers us the opportunity to witness the butchering of a giraffe and experience what the mute local support staff potentially get to eat. This journey through a present-day holiday culture is a journey back to long-forgotten (colonial) times.