Thursday at a glance

29. September 2011

At noon, "Zurich Talks" goes into its next round with the panel discussion on opportunities and risks of "Video on Demand". Lung time screenings include  ALLES EIS DING (12.15, corso 2), GROMOZEKA (12.30, Arena 8) and SCHWARZKOPF (12.45, corso 4). One of the highlights of the day is the ‘Special Screening’ of CLIMATE REFUGEES (17:00, corso 4), which is immediately followed by a panel discussion aimed at exploring the topic of climate change with experts, filmmakers and further invited guests. Director David Wnendt and leading actress Alina Levshin are in Zurich to present their latest film KRIEGERIN. CONTAGION enjoys a repeat screening, presented by its leading actor and this year’s Jury President Laurence Fishburne. Insider tip of the day has to be the start of the ‘onedotzero’ section, opening at the Plaza with the onedotzero_ch competition programme – a live DJ set by animal trainer will round off the evening.