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Festival Direction

Nadja Schildknecht - Managing Director, Co-Director

Karl Spoerri - Artistic Director, Co-Director

Selection Committee

Karl Spoerri - Artistic Director

Viviana Vezzani - Senior Programmer, Executive

Georg Bütler - Senior Programmer

Iria Gutscher - Senior Programmer

Reta Guetg - Programmer

Stefanie Rusterholz - Programmer

Vesna Eckert - Programmer (ZFF for Kids)


Programme Delegates

Anne Delseth - Programme Delegate Europe

Christoph Gröner - Programme Delegate German speaking area

Arnaud Gourmelen - Programme Delegate Int. Documentary

Wendy Mitchell - Programme Delegate United Kingdom

Film Coordination

Stefanie Rusterholz - Head of Film Coordination

Christine Albrecht - Film Coordination

Rowena Raths - Film Coordination

Aurel Graf - Film Coordinationn

Sponsoring / Event

Elke Mayer - Head of Sponsoring

Ariane Schönbächler - Head of Event

Michelle Fisera - Deputy Head of Event

Yvonne Augustin - Sponsoring / Event

Simon Grüter - Event

Julie Keller - Sponsoring / Event

Tanja Schönbächler - Sponsoring / Event

Press & Communication

Beat Glur - Press Spokesman, Press & Communication

Andrea Vogel - Press & Communication

Claudia Wintsch - Press & Communication

Editorial Departement

Georg Bütler - Head of Editorial Departement

Marey Weingart - Editorial Departement

Simon Fluck - Editorial Departement


Katrin Deubelbeiss - Head of Graphics

Orphea Heutling - Graphics


Nadja Schildknecht - Head of Marketing

Ornela Tomas - Marketing

Jennifer Dell - Marketing


Melanie Zorko - Ticketing


Reta Guetg - Head of Industry Events

Martin Arnold - Industry Events

Alessandra Berti - Industry Events

ZFF 72

Monika Frei - Event / Online


Chantal Casanova - Production

Guest Management

Viviana Vezzani - Head of Guest Management

Anja Fröhner - Guest Management

Seraina Zollikofer - Guest Management

Nora Naji - Guest Management

Volonteers Coordination

Simon Grüter - Head of Coordination Volunteers


Nadja Schildknecht - Head of Finances

Human Resources

Chantal Casanova - Head of Human Resources


Dalma Holdener

Festival Direction

Nadja Schildknecht

Nadja Schildknecht founded the Zurich Film Festival together with Karl Spoerri and Antoine Monot Jr. in 2005, a festival that soon grew into a successful international forum for new film. Nadja Schildknecht’s position as managing director and her financial management, marketing, sponsoring, PR and event organisation responsibilities contribute significantly to the festival’s ever-increasing success.

Schildknecht is a board member of the ZFF Donors Association, president of the ZFF Supporters Association and a member of the advisory board for Generation CEO. She also lectures regularly at various business colleges on the topics of business development and management, marketing strategies, brand development and sponsoring.

Karl Spoerri

Karl Spoerri began studies at Zurich’s University of the Arts in 1993. While there, he took up a long-term acting engagement with the Schauspielhaus in Zurich, and performed leading roles in films such as „Tschäss“ and TV productions such as „Tatort”. In 1998 he founded „Creative Artists Management AG” in Munich and Cologne, an artist and marketing agency that he managed until 2004. During the summer of 2004, Karl Spoerri and Tim Geser brought the English digital film festival “onedotzero” to Zurich. This small-scale event led to the development of the Zurich Film Festival and brought together its core team. The following seven years saw Spoerri and his colleagues develop a comprehensive network of agents and managers in Europe and the USA, offering him and his team a unique overview of prevailing trends and the latest talent. These activities led Spoerri to develop his career as a film producer.

Spoerri was the managing director of Millbrook Pictures AG from 2008 until 2011. Millbrook financed and coproduced, amongst other things, Oliver Stone’s „W“ and David Cronenberg’s „A Dangerous Method“ with Keira Knightley and Viggo Mortensen, which subsequently sold to over 80 countries. In March 2010, Spoerri closed a first look deal with Marc Forster and his production company, a collaboration that led Millbrook to finance the development of further projects.

In 2010 Karl Spoerri became the Chairman of the Zurich Summit (Film Finance Forum Zurich) – an international forum focussing on film financing and production, which takes place annually in Los Angeles, New York, Cannes, Moscow, Singapore and Zurich.