Guests of Honour


A Tribute to… Award: Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh is one of Europe’s most significant auteur filmmakers. He has lived his passion for over 50 years and will, as he once put it, “still be a fucking artist when he retires”. Leigh’s ability to enthuse critics and viewers alike with such films as HIGH HOPES (1988), NAKED (1993), SECRETS & LIES (1996) and HAPPY-GO-LUCKY (2008) is underpinned by countless awards, including a Golden Palm and seven Academy Award nominations. Raised in a working-class district of Manchester, Leigh is able to capture the sorrows and hardships of the ‘common people’ with humour and sensitivity. He is one of the leading exponents of New British Cinema, a genus of filmmaking that has performed a cinematic analysis of social developments in Britain since the 1980s. Mike Leigh will accept his award in person during the Award Night on October 3. ZFF offers insight into his work with a representative retrospective screened in his honour.

ZFF Masters: Saturday, 03.10.15, 15.00, Filmpodium | Buy tickets

Career Achievement Award: Steve Golin

His films are his passion. Steve Golin is currently one of America’s most successful and influential producers. In 1986 he and business partner Sigurjón Sighvatsson launched “Propaganda Films”, which went on to become the world’s largest music video and advertisement production company. Today, Golin is CEO of “Anonymous Content”, a production and management company he launched in 1999. He played a pivotal role as a producer in the breakthrough of David Fincher, Spike Jonze, Michael Bay and Todd Solondz. His greatest successes include David Lynch’s WILD AT HEART (1990, Golden Palm Cannes), the Academy Award-nominated films SLEEPERS (1996) and BEING JOHN MALKOVICH (1999), and the Academy Award-winning productions ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (2004) and BABEL (2006).

Comprising six of his most important titles, ZFF presents a small retrospective in his honour. Steve Golin will accept the Golden Eye award in person before the screening of his latest production SPOTLIGHT at the corso cinema on Monday, September 28.

Award ceremony with Steve Golin & Special Gala of SPOTLIGHT

Monday, 28.09.15, 18h00, corso 1

Lifetime Achievement Award: Armin Mueller-Stahl

Armin Mueller-Stahl is one of the most internationally renowned and highly celebrated German actors. But the man who can portray a loving grandfather (AVALON, 1990) as convincingly as he does an unscrupulous Mafia boss (EASTERN PROMISES, 2007) is much more than just a character actor. This talented musician, painter and author began his acting career under the most difficult of circumstances in the GDR, continued in West Germany, and made the big leap to Hollywood in the 1980s. We know his memorable characters from Fassbinder’s LOLA (1981), the Academy Award-nominated biopic SHINE (1996), and as Thomas Mann in the magnificent multi-part TV series DIE MANNS – EIN JAHRHUNDERTROMAN (2001). The 84-year-old now dedicates most of his time to music and painting.

Armin Mueller-Stahl will accept the Lifetime Achievement Award in person at the corso cinema on Monday, September 28. Jim Jarmusch’s NIGHT ON EARTH (1991) will be screened in his honour.

Award ceremony with Armin Mueller-Stahl & Special Screening of NIGHT ON EARTH

Monday, 28.09.15, 18:30, Arthouse Le Paris

Golden Icon Award: Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I’ll be back” – it was these three words from the cult film THE TERMINATOR (1984) that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a movie icon. For decades, he has been fascinating fans around the world as athlete and action hero. Austrian-born Schwarzenegger scooped multiple bodybuilding titles before beginning his acting career, and landing the role that was to be his screen breakthrough in director John Milius’ 1982 action fantasy CONAN, THE BARBARIAN. He has since dominated the American action film genre like no other, starring in such films as the TERMINATOR series, PREDATOR (1987), TOTAL RECALL (1990) and TRUE LIES (1994). Instead of resting on the laurels of his screen career, Schwarzenegger decided in 2003 to take the plunge into politics and was elected Governor of California in the same year, a position he held from 2003 until 2011.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will accept the Golden Icon Award in person at the corso cinema on Wednesday, September 30, when he will also present his most recent film MAGGIE.

Golden Eye Award: Kiefer Sutherland

Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland became one of the world’s most celebrated and highly paid TV actors, starring in the legendary real-time thriller 24 (2001-2010). Sutherland enthralled viewers in his role as the smart and casehardened Jack Bauer for a full nine years, and garnered numerous awards, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy. Sutherland’s breakthrough as a film actor came in 1984 with THE BAY BOY. He gained international attention in the western YOUNG GUNS (1988) and playing Nathan in the psychological thriller FLATLINERS (1990). In his latest role, he plays alongside his equally famous father, Donald, as the quick-draw gunfighter John Henry Clayton. Kiefer Sutherland will accept the award in person before the Gala Premiere screening of FORSAKEN at the cinema corso on Friday, September 25.

Award ceremony with Kiefer Sutherland & Special Gala of FORSAKEN

Friday, 25.09.15, 21:15, corso 1

The New A-Lister – Golden Eye Award: Liam Hemsworth


Liam Hemsworth has a quiet intensity that transcends the big screen. Demonstrating versatility and skill in a range of performances, he has proven to be one of the most sought after actors of his generation. Hemsworth landed his first big acting job on Australia’s popular TV series HOME AND AWAY (1988). Landing his first film role in the feature film TRIANGLE (2009), he soon began to gain attention throughout Hollywood and went on to star in two of 2012’s biggest box office hits — THE HUNGER GAMES and EXPENDABLES 2. He has since starred opposite Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman in the high stakes thriller PARANOIA (2013). He also reprised his role as Gale Hawthorne in THE HUNGER GAMES sequels. Most recently, he starred opposite Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Dern and John Malkovich in the crime thriller CUT BANK (2014). Liam Hemsworth will receive the Golden Eye Award in person on the evening of Saturday, September 26th at the corso Cinema. In addition, Hemsworth will present his latest film, ZFF Gala Premiere THE DRESSMAKER.

Award ceremony with Liam Hemsworth & Special Gala of THE DRESSMAKER

Saturday, 26.09.15, 18.30, corso 1

Special Gala of THE DRESSMAKER in the presence of Liam Hemsworth

Saturday, 26.09.15, 19.00, corso 2