• ZFF Masters: Sir Ben Kingsley

ZFF Masters: Sir Ben Kingsley

ZFF Masters

British actor Sir Ben Kingsley has conquered the big screen with his unique expressiveness. In 1982, he achieved worldwide fame with his Oscar-winning lead role in the epic movie GANDHI. He subsequently worked with such directors as Steven Spielberg (SCHINDLER'S LIST, 1993), Roman Polanski (DEATH AND THE MAIDEN, 1994) and Martin Scorsese (SHUTTER ISLAND, 2010). As part of the ZFF Masters, the Golden Icon Award winner talks about his impressive artistic oeuvre.

The ZFF Masters are moderated talks with personalities from the international film industry (tickets for the films are available separately).
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Note (28.09.22): It is with regret that Sir Ben Kingsley is unable to attend the Zurich Film Festival in person as he recovers from Covid, and under doctors’ advice is unable to travel. Sir Ben Kingsley will participate virtually in this ZFF Masters event.

  • Runtime: 60 Min
  • Languages: English