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by Luigi Comencini Special Screenings

Orphan Heidi lives in a mountain hut with her grandfather. One day, Heidi is taken by her aunt to the city of Frankfurt, where she is to keep Klara, the child of a wealthy family, company. The bright Heidi is quickly taken to heart by everyone, but she misses her mountains and is plagued by homesickness. In collaboration with SRF, Cinémathèque suisse, Memoriav, Praesens-Film and filmo, ZFF presents the restored version of director Luigi Comencini's Swiss cinema classic based on the novel by Johanna Spyri. HEIDI was an equally huge success beyond the country's borders.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Switzerland, 1952
  • Runtime: 97 Min
  • Languages: German, Swiss German
  • Subtitles: French
  • Director: Luigi Comencini
  • Cast: Elsbeth Sigmund, Heinrich Gretler, Thomas Klameth, Willy Birgel, Theo Lingen, Elsie Attenhofer
  • Screenplay: Richard Schweizer, William Michael Treichlinger
  • Cinematography: Emil Berna
  • Editor: Hermann Haller
  • Sound: Rolf Epstein
  • Music: Robert Blum
  • Producers: Lazar Wechsler, Oscar Düby
  • Production Company: Praesens Film AG
  • Swiss Distribution: Praesens Film AG
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