• Patrick and the Whale
  • Patrick and the Whale
  • Patrick and the Whale

Patrick and the Whale

by Mark Fletcher Focus Competition

Even as a young boy, Patrick dreamed of one day swimming with whales. Now a grown man, he follows his passion and documents the life of the gentle giants as a marine researcher. He is able to read the whales' behaviour and interact with them like no other. After a life-changing encounter with a female sperm whale in the Caribbean Sea, Patrick returns to the island nation of Dominica to find this special whale again – and delve even deeper into the hidden world of its species. With breath-taking and moving underwater footage, PATRICK AND THE WHALE allows us get up close and personal with the oceans' largest creatures. A natural spectacle with emotional depth!

About the director(s)

British filmmaker Mark Fletcher has been a cutter, author and producer of wildlife films for over 25 years. He has collaborated with such leading wildlife filmmakers as Hugo van Lawick, Howard Hall and Alan Root, and has worked on several TV productions for the BBC. Films that he has produced, cut or written have won more that 50 Emmys and countless other awards. PATRICK AND THE WHALE, his debut work as a director, world premiered at Toronto.

Filmography (selection): Patrick and the Whale (Doc, 2022)

About the director(s)
  • Genre: DOC: Environment & Nature
  • Country, Year: Austria, 2022
  • Runtime: 73 Min
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: German
  • Director: Mark Fletcher
  • Cast: Patrick Dykstra
  • Cinematography: Rupert Murray
  • Editor: Mark Fletcher
  • Sound: Richard Eastick
  • Music: H. Scott Salinas, Matthew Atticus Berger
  • Producers: Walter Köhler, James Reed, Alexander Nanau, Dinah Czezik-Müller, Michael Frenschkowski, Wolfgang Knöpfler
  • Production Company: Terra Mater Studios GmbH
  • World Sales: Submarine Entertainment
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