• Detective Bruno
  • Detective Bruno
  • Detective Bruno

Detective Bruno

by Magdalena Nieć, Mariusz Palej ZFF for Kids

For his birthday, the eight-year-old orphan Oskar receives the first clue of a mysterious treasure hunt left to him by his deceased parents. Oskar doesn't hesitate for long before asking the best detective he knows for help: The star of the popular TV series "Detective Bruno". But it's a pity that his idol is very different in real life from the person he is in the TV show. Together they embark on a turbulent paper chase through the entire city and discover far more than just the next clue. A huge cinema hit in Poland, DETECTIVE BRUNO is a heart-warming family adventure to guess along with.

Age rating: recommended from 8 years

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Country, Year: Poland, 2022
  • Runtime: 110 Min
  • Languages: Polish, German live synchro
  • Directors: Magdalena Nieć, Mariusz Palej
  • Cast: Piotr Glowacki, Iwo Rajski, Karolina Gruszka
  • Screenplay: Marcin Ciastoń, Ewa Rozenbajgier
  • Cinematography: Wojciech Węgrzyn
  • Editor: Jakub Motylewski
  • Sound: Marcin Poplawski
  • Music: Maciek Dobrowolski
  • Producers: Joanna Szyma Szymańska, Krystyna Kantor
  • Production Company: ShipsBoy
  • World Sales: Dutch Features
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