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Nascondino / Hide and Seek Programme 2022

by Victoria Fiore Documentary Competition

Naples. Entoni and his friend Dylan stroll among Vespas and stray dogs as they wind their way through the alleys of the old town. Not the best place to grow up in, thinks Entoni's Nonna Dora. As the head of a notorious family, she wants her grandson to follow a path far away from the Camorra. But for Entoni, it seems almost impossible to break the vicious family circle. All the while, the Italian justice system is taking increasingly harsh measures to separate children from their criminal families. Filmmaker Victoria Fiore has accompanied the street boy over a four-year period, allowing us to participate in his fate with impressive closeness: Incredibly beautiful and tragic at the same time.

About the director(s)

The Italian filmmaker Victoria Fiore studied Spanish and Russian language and literature at University College London before graduating with a master's in documentary filmmaking from the ESCAC in Barcelona. Her short films MY DEADLY BEAUTIFUL CITY (2016), FIRE GAMES OF NAPOLI (2017) and SOUNDS OF TEHRAN (2018) were shown at numerous international festivals. Her debut feature-length documentary film NASCONDINO had its world premiere at BFI London Film Festival.

Filmography (selection): Nascondino (doc, 2022) | Sounds of Tehran (short film, doc, 2018) | Fire Games of Napoli (short film, doc, 2017) | My Deadly Beautiful City (short film, doc, 2016)

About the director(s)

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21:15* Kosmos 6

14:00* Kosmos 6

16:00 Piccadilly

13:30 Kosmos 6

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  • Genre: DOC: Social & Human Interest
  • Country, Year: UK, Italy, 2021
  • Runtime: 88 Min
  • Languages: Italian
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Victoria Fiore
  • Cast: Entoni, Dora
  • Cinematography: Alfredo de Juan
  • Editor: Adelina Bichis
  • Music: CJ Mirra
  • Producers: Aleksandra Bilic, Jennifer Corcoran, Isabel da Rocha, Gaetano di Vaio
  • Production Companies: My Accomplice, Bronx Film
  • World Sales: Syndicado Film Sales
  • www.nascondinofilm.com/
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