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Rubikon Programme 2022

by Leni Lauritsch Focus Competition

In the year of 2056: Powerful corporations have replaced world governments. The earth's resources have been depleted. On the Rubicon space station, research is being conducted on an algae project that could provide oxygen and food for the remaining human race. Soldier Hannah and scientists Gavin and Dimitri are holding the fort at the station. When Earth becomes enveloped in a mysterious toxic mist, they lose all contact with the ground. Driven by differing morals and principals, they must now make a decision: Should they leave the safety of the station and risk their lives? Director Magdalena Lauritsch's debut feature offers visually stunning and highly suspenseful science fiction.

About the director(s)

The Austrian director Leni Lauritsch was born in 1988 in St. Veit. She studied camera operating and directing at Vienna Film Academy, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2014. She also worked for several production companies while studying. Her multi award-winning short films, including CLARA SEHEN (2012) and ROTE FLECKEN (2014), were presented at international film festivals. She has been studying in Vienna for her masters in directing and working as a director, author and screenplay writer since 2017. Her debut feature-length fiction film RUBIKON had its world premiere at KVIFF.

Filmograhy: Rubikon (2022) | Wir liefern ein Lächeln (short film, 2018) | Rote Flecken (short film, 2014) | Clinch (short film, 2014) | Clara sehen (short film, 2012) | Masken Masken (short film, 2009) | Von oben (short film, 2009) | Balloons (short film, 2008) | Ohne Grenzen (short film, 2006) | Mad World (short film, 2005)

About the director(s)

Time Venue

21:00 Arena 7

21:15* Kosmos 6

15:45* Kosmos 6

16:00 Corso 4

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  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Country, Year: Austria, 2022
  • Runtime: 110 Min
  • Languages: English, Russian, German
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Leni Lauritsch
  • Cast: Julia Franz Richter, Georg Blagden, Mark Ivanir
  • Screenplay: Jessica Lind, Leni Lauritsch
  • Cinematography: Xiaosu Han, Andreas Thalhammer
  • Editors: Christoph Loidl, Anna Heuss
  • Sound: Bertram Knappitsch, Tong Zhang
  • Music: Wolf-Maximilian Liebich, Daniel Helmer
  • Producers: Loredana Rehekampff, Andreas Schmied, Klaus Graf
  • Production Companies: Samsara Filmproduktion GmbH, Graf Filmproduktion GmbH
  • World Sales: The Playmaker Munich
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