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by Blerta Basholli Border Lines

Fahrije's husband has been considered missing since the end of the war – like so many other men from her village in rural Kosovo. When she decides one day to get her driver's license so she can sell her homemade sauces in town, she immediately faces opposition from her conservative, patriarchal village. Fahrije, however, is not intimidated and soon other women dare to help her in this revolutionary venture. The film, which won three awards at Sundance, tells the story of a daring woman who, against all the odds, builds a new existence for herself and other women.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Kosovo, Macedonia, Switzerland, Albania, 2021
  • Runtime: 84 Min
  • Languages: Albanian
  • Subtitles: German, French
  • Director: Blerta Basholli
  • Cast: Yllka Gashi, Çun Lajçi, Aurita Agushi, Kumrije Hoxha, Adriana Matoshi
  • Screenplay: Blerta Basholli
  • Cinematography: Alex Bloom
  • Editors: Félix Sandri, Enis Saraçi
  • Music: Julien Painot
  • Producers: Yll Uka, Valon Bajgora, Agon Uka
  • Co-Producers: Britta Rindelaub, Tomi Salkovski, Paskal Semini
  • Production Companies: Ikonë Studio, Industria Film, Alva Film, Black Cat Production, AlbaSky Film
  • World Sales: LevelK ApS
  • Swiss Distribution: Frenetic Films AG
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