• ZFF Talks: Automatische Gesichtserkennung

ZFF Talks: Automatische Gesichtserkennung

ZFF Talks

Our society’s security devices increasingly rely on artificial intelligence. What impact does this have on our freedom? What are the dangers of automatic face recognition software? This ZFF Talk will explore the questions raised in the film CODED BIAS by Shalini Kantayya. Dr. Dominika Blonski, the Data Protection Officer for the canton of Zurich, and Patrick Walder of Amnesty International, will discuss with other professionals from the fields of culture and science.

Guests: Dr. Dominika Blonski (Datenschutzbeauftragte canton Zurich), Dr. Dirk Helbing (Professor for Computational Social Science ETH) and Patrick Walder (Amnesty International)

Moderation: Nicole Althaus, Chefredaktion NZZ Magazine
Presented by the canton of Zurich’s Data Protection Office in collaboration with Amnesty International

  • Runtime: 120 Min
  • Languages: German