• 76 Days
  • 76 Days
  • 76 Days

76 Days

by Hao Wu, Weixi Chen, Anonymous Documentary Competition

Wuhan, January 23, 2020. The lockdown will last 76 days. While the streets of the metropolis remain empty of its 11 million inhabitants, there’s a hive of activity in one of the city’s hospitals: a woman asks in vain to be allowed to say goodbye to her father; a couple is not allowed to pick up their new-born baby; a nurse has to deal with a deceased person’s personal belongings and a demented man finally wants get home. In 76 DAYS, the filmmakers Hao Wu, Weixi Chen and a colleague, who wishes to remain anonymous, look over the shoulders of the hospital staff, who are as challenged as they are calm and solidary during a phase of absolute chaos. The result is an unadorned yet sensitive, poetic and stirring documentary about human resilience in the face of a pandemic threat.

  • Genre: DOC: Social & Human Interest
  • Country, Year: China, USA, 2020
  • Runtime: 93 Min
  • Languages: Mandarin
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Directors: Hao Wu, Weixi Chen, Anonymous
  • Screenplay: Hao Wu
  • Cinematography: Anonymous, Weixi Chen
  • Editor: Hao Wu
  • Sound: Anonymous, Weixi Chen
  • Producers: Hao Wu, Jean Tsien, Xin Liu, Bryn Mooser, Roberto Grande, Geralyn White Dreyfous, Naja Pham Lockwood
  • Production Company: 76 Days LLC
  • World Sales: Dogwoof Global
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