• White Rabbit
  • White Rabbit
  • White Rabbit

White Rabbit

by Tim McCann Special Screenings

A bullied teen begins to have visions of a rabbit his father forced him to kill while hunting as a young boy. The rabbit along with other imaginary characters taunt him into committing one final act of revenge.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: USA, 2013
  • Runtime: 89 Min
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: German
  • Director: Tim McCann
  • Cast: Sam Trammell, Britt Robertson, Ryan Lee, Nick Krause
  • Screenplay: Anthony Di Pietro
  • Cinematography: Alan McIntyre Smith
  • Editor: Tim McCann
  • Music: John Vincent McCauley
  • Producers: Shaun Sanghani, Robert Yocum
  • Executive Producers: Anthony Fiorin, Eric Reish, Nadar Ajlani, Anthony Fiorin
  • Production Company: SSS Entertainement
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