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by Miro Šifra Series

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David races through the Czech countryside in his bright yellow electric car with droning hip-hop booming out of the speakers. Next to him sits René, his best friend and hair-dye fan. Together, they are in the “Recreation and Entertainment” business – they deal with meth. But David leads a dangerous double life, as he also serves as an informant for the Czech narcotics police. He hopes this assignment will keep him on the right side of the law, but with the drug cartel on his tail and the police breathing down his neck, the only person he can trust is the inexperienced police analyst Petra. With its dynamic imagery and powerful soundtrack, RATS takes us into the heart of the Czech underworld. ZFF shows the first two episodes of this lively and unconventional series.

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19:00 Kosmos 5

15:15* Kosmos 5

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  • Genre: Thriller
  • Country, Year: Czech Republic, Poland, 2020
  • Runtime: 120 Min
  • Languages: Czech, Polish, Vietnamese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Creators: Miro Šifra
  • Director: Viktor Tauš
  • Cast: Cyril Dobrý, Lenka Krobotov, Miloslav Pechácek, Václav Neužil
  • Screenplay: Miro Šifra
  • Cinematography: Martin Douba
  • Sound: Robert Slezák
  • Music: Petr Ostrouchov
  • Co-Producers: Viktor Tauš, Matej Chlupácek
  • Executive Producers: Jan Lekeš, Agnieszka Kurzydlo
  • Production Companies: Heaven's Gate, Ceská Televize, Barletta, MD4
  • World Sales: GoQuest Media Ventures
  • Swiss Distribution: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
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