• Äta Sova Dö / Eat Sleep Die
  • Äta Sova Dö / Eat Sleep Die
  • Äta Sova Dö / Eat Sleep Die

Äta Sova Dö / Eat Sleep Die Programme 2020

by Gabriela Pichler Feature Film Competition

Raša can do her factory job standing on her head. She needs exactly 4.5 seconds to pack 12 portions of salad. The 21-year-old Muslim’s evenings are spent either tending to her ailing father, who immigrated with her to Sweden many years previously, or going out with her friends from work. It’s a hard life, but she has found her place in it. She has to readjust though, when she suddenly loses her job. The change from working life to employment agency is difficult for such a bundle of energy, especially since her father has to leave for Norway on a business trip. Suddenly alone and with no work, Raša begins to feel the pressure of small town life in southern Sweden. But she’s a fighter and she battles her way through – even if her path is on a constant collision course with social expectations. Eat, sleep – certainly. Die – no way.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Sweden, 2012
  • Runtime: 108 Min
  • Languages: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Swedish
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Gabriela Pichler
  • Cast: Nermina Lukac, Jonathan Lampinen , Peter Fält, Ruzica Pichler
  • Screenplay: Gabriela Pichler
  • Cinematography: Johan Lundborg
  • Editor: Gabriela Pichler
  • Sound: Martin Hennel
  • Producer: China Åhlander
  • Executive Producer: Martin Persson
  • Production Company: Anagram
  • World Sales: Tri Art Film
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