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The Sessions

by Ben Lewin Gala Premieres

Despite adverse circumstances, Mark is full of life. The result of polio renders him stuck to an iron lung. But he nevertheless nurtures a dream: the 38-year-old wants to finally lose his virginity – regardless of his illness. With the blessing of his extraordinary priest and the support of his carer, he hires a therapist. Her name is Cheryl and she specialises in “treating” men who, for whatever reason, have not yet had sexual intercourse. She also lives a parallel life as a loving wife and mother. The therapy consists of six “sessions” that change not only Mark’s life forever…
Based on the autobiography of the poet Mark O’Brian, THE SESSIONS is Ben Lewin’s poignant tale of how a dream becomes reality.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: USA, 2012
  • Runtime: 95 Min
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: German, French
  • Director: Ben Lewin
  • Cast: John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, William H. Macy, Moon Bloodgood
  • Screenplay: Ben Lewin
  • Cinematography: Geoffrey Simpson
  • Editor: Lisa Bromwell
  • Music: Marco Beltrami
  • Producers: Stephen Nemeth, Judi Levine
  • Executive Producers: Maurice Silman, Julius Colman, Douglas Blake
  • Production Companies: Such Much Films, Rhino Films
  • World Sales:
  • Swiss Distribution: Warner Bros. Entertainment Switzerland GmbH
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